(18+): The Reason why Nigerian women assume their belly is part of their private part. | Oby Oriji Blog

(18+): The Reason why Nigerian women assume their belly is part of their private part.


According to the definition of a private part, it is the body part that is meant to be kept from the eyes of the public. This is the as a result of Adam and Eve’s hunger or cravings for the forbidden fruit, which they accrued to be the result of the snakes convincing power(Talk about not taking the blame for your actions). The fact that we all go about our daily lives with a piece or two and some itty bitty under garment, is very comforting to my wellbeing. I have been opportune do to see some humans naked, and believe me when I say, not being naked is the best option for us.

My sister and I, believe that nakedness is not as cute as you would expect, until you are a gym rat. Now what are the actual body parts that should be considered private. This question might have similarities and differences, based on your country of residence. I am going to give the reason for my conclusion.

The actual nakedness as we known it, is always the sexual organs. While some believe that you are to only cover the exact spot of the sexual organ, others believe you are suppos to include the body parts that are close to the sexual organ. For example, in the U.S or first world Countries, , most Youths have a different idea of covering their nakedness. The young and popping ENGLISH girls and boys, will tell you that they can only cover up the vagina, the anus, and the nipple. But Even while they cover these, we mostly get to clearly see them through a light clothing. Which to them, is being covered, so you are basically allowed to see the buttock, the entire breast just without the nipple, the thighs, and every other thing.  In that same country, the conservative elderly, will yell at their child for wearing a really short shirt, a really short shorts that lets their butty hang, and a clothe that reveals the belly. This same country has the people called the Amish, that will not have you show your ankles, upper arms, or even you collar bone, and some others live in a community where everyone walks around naked (The nudists). All this cultures can be found right there in one country. The melting pot called America, has people from all over the world living there, and in with their own cultures, and some others formed in the country.

In the Muslim world, a woman is not suppose to show anythin at all, not her face (for the sake of not taken away by another man), not her ankles, not even their hair.

Now, in Nigeria, the majority of the South, believe in covering the body parts that are close to the actual sexual organ. In fact, they involve the belly in Nigeria. For no reason , the Nigerian mother is considered inappropriate when she allows her daughter dresses in a form that reveals her belly. The belly is not a private part. This is the part that carries the baby, it is not the a sexual organ it self. Most women who have given birth, will rather just hide their belly and its fat so well from the public, because she doesn’t want anyone looking at it. The Nigeria mother who exercises, will freely let anyone see her belly from time to time, even without giving it any thought, but the ones who never exercise, will mentally conclude on their own, that the belly is now part of their private part.

So, the reason why Nigerian women decide that their belly is part of their private part, is because of the fact that is accumulated their. They don’t like it, and they don’t know how to get ride of it, so they just hide it. But for the women who know how to get rid of it, they hit the gym, workout the fat, and get relief. Hiding your tummy is fat clothing, is a big burden. But for a person who has done it for so long, it becomes a way of life, sort of a habit, until He/she get rid of it, and then they have something to compare it to, and they realize how reliving it actually is to have a normal stomach. It is so lay a wife who has seen the light, that will call her child and husband to it. If a woman doesn’t know hat to do about her big tummy, she can’t teach her husband how to get rid of his, or how her kids can get rid of theirs. This simply means that there isn’t any age limit for the people who go to the gym. An elderly grandma and grandpa can go to the gym to outlive their peers. A pregnant woman can go to the gym, and have the instructor tell you what to do. A husband and wife can have a gym date. It doesn’t have to be food all the time, you can work out togther and have fun with it. You belly us not a curse, it is a blessing. It is growing big, because of the things you have eaten. It is never permanent, it is just your mind telling you not to do something about it. Find a gym today, and sweat out the wahala. God Bless the Women of Nigeria.

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