United Nations traces the source of feminism, back to the Igbo Women.


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It is not everyday that you have such a world wide famous international body, admit to the significants of such a small but mighty group of African in Nigeria. The Igbos are known to have the drive that is compared to no other in tribe in Africa. Igbos put all they have got into theit chosen career, so much so, that it seems they have other ulterior motives other than just make gains.

They federal government in conjunction with the Lagos state government about three years ago, called on the Igbos, to help teach the Yorubas the way to trade. Their drive to trade, and their enthusiasm to trade.

The Igbos dedicate and converge with the sold aim of achieving one goal at a time. Elevating themselves from being at the bottom of the food chain after the biafra war, to the very top without any support from the Government.

The need to take up and keep working till night time, gives a certain level of satisfaction to the Igbos, like nothing else does. The need to succeed, is built deep down in the veins of the IGBOS.

As a kid in secondary school, I read the ABA women’s riot in 1929, and I couldn’t belief how the women of my home town did such a historical and remarkable thing, as significant as going to war.

The Igbos were known as the most stubborn tribe, during the colonial era. They gave the Queen and her men a run for the money and power. They just couldn’t be easily manipulated. Which is the reason why the Hausa’s called them ‘Rebels’ and they turn called the Hausa’s ‘Vandals’. The Igbo slaves were the most historical ones, who realised that it was at that point, impossible for them to gain their freedom from their slave masters, so they decided that if they can make a life for themselves, neither would the trade masters. They matched straight into a pond, and drowned themselves to gain freedom. The Igbos, are know as a strong tribe.

The strength of a woman was shown in the Aba Women’s Riot in 1929, Women’s War – Wikipedia › Women’s_War

An Igbo Man, along side their wife’s, have been know to be one of the best marriage in Nigeria. These men have been admired and known by the nation as the best men to get married.

So for this year’s International women’s day, it meant a lot for the Igbo People to know that the  United Nations has linked the modern day feminists and Girl power enthusiasts to the Aba Women’s riot in 1929( Aba Abia State Nigeria). We are honoured for that, and it is incredible to Come from a long line of fighters, who fought for what was right, and who fought for their people.

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Aba Women riot
Aba Women riot

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