Racism: Nigerian Singer Tekno, rejects a Nigerian Vixen for being dark skinned. | Oby Oriji Blog

Racism: Nigerian Singer Tekno, rejects a Nigerian Vixen for being dark skinned.


The issue of racism is something that has eaten deep into the skin of the Blacks even as Mich as it has eaten deep into the skin of the white. We black are quick to cry wolf, but we are the biggest racist to our own selves.

The whites, are the most reminded, the most peeped people against racism, because they are on the top of the food chain. While everyone is sensitive to the Caucasians being racist, we blacks do it to our own selves on a daily basis, and we over look it.

The fact that jobs are first offered to the light skinned people, before the blacks. But how is it that you automatically assume that light skinned person will do more work, will be more presentable, will be better to look at, will be more appealing, and will be more sincere than their dark counterpart.

This guy called Tekno, according to the a accusation by this Vixen,model,actress girl, rejected the dark skinned model for an up close shot for his video, because she was dark skinned. He wants to show a butt shot of a young light skinned lady. The dark model, knowing her self worth, and getting worked up after waking up so early in the morning to meet up with the shoot, walked out on the said Tekno.

Do not encourage anyone to use you as a rag, but in Nigeria where there are no jobs, trying to fight an issue like this by walking out on the job, is hard, because people need to survive. Please stop treating this women like this.

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