Parents of the only all girls Quintuplets in America, dish out Advice on how to keep the love alive. | Oby Oriji Blog

Parents of the only all girls Quintuplets in America, dish out Advice on how to keep the love alive.


Adam and Danielle Busby both 33 years,are two teenage sweet hearts, who got married when they were but 22years of age in Texas. They had their first daughter, and suffered years of pregnancies issues. They turned to IVF, which yielded the first ever all girls Quintuplets (5 children born together) in America, which didn’t bring them a noisy, busy, adorable, handful home. It equally brought the money, deals, and fame.

The Busbys who have a reality show on TLC, channel 135 on dstv, have shared their day to  day lives with the quints in it, since their arrival. They get so occupied with the kids that they hardly have anytime for their romance. Adam is currently suffering from post pregnancy depression, after the girls arrived. Being naturally nervous with how to provide for the girls and their mother from now till 18 years to come, so the family has a you tube channel, a blog @itsabuzzworld a show on TLC, and share holders at a cycle studio. The girls are now over two years, all strong and healthy, that they have become a world wide sensation.

Experiencing it first hand, the couple know a lot, as they talk from experience. Today they are sharing their tips to keeping the world in their marriage alive.

@dbusby – Days, months, years…LIFE goes by so fast in this world. It is not always easy to have one on one time with your spouse, you have to 💕MAKE TIME💕 for it. Rally in your support team to help care for your kids and sneak away for just the two of you! ✨God, help us love You deeply and fear You greatly. Teach us how to love each other for Your sake. May the humility of Christ be seen in the way we treat each other. Show us how to enjoy each other without neglecting Your mission. Remind us of the brevity of life so we share Your good news urgently. Remind us of heaven so we will face rejection and trials joyfully. When we settle down for too long, prod us to run.When we are prone to fight, teach us to fight together, and to fight for You. When we are tempted to run away, bring repentance and renewal. May we spend our married days reminding each other of Your glory, Your gospel, Your love, Your power, Your mission, and Your promise of what is to come. Amen. ✨ (One of the favorite prayers I have ever read. From Francis & Lisa Chan: You and Me Forever Book) .

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