Our favourite girl Shailene Woodley lands herself a professional Athlete Hunk.

Shailene and Ben

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Our favourite teenager is all grown up, and her life is no more a secret to us, as she is in a good place with her strong  hunk. Shailene gained fame during her teens in the famous series, ‘The secret Life of the America teenager’, Insurgent, Divergent, and so on. The actress who won everyone’s heart with her impeccable characters and role interpretations, has now clearly shown her personal life is as hot as her career life.

She recently locked lips with her man, a professional athlete known as Ben Volavola. Shailene is holding up to her own side of Hollywood life, stay away from all negative controversies, as she doesn’t see herself as a celebrity, but as normal as anyone else, with the luck to appear on screen. She is good at what she does, and we are glad, and happy for her. We sure hope this relationship goes a long way, and not end in the shortest of times, like they normally do over there.

She sure stepped out of the small dating circle of Hollywood, where a lot of recycling goes on, to ensure that the guys and girls get enough attention and love from each other. But our girl Shailene, went o the fit side of life, to find love.  You go girl.

Shailene and Ben
Shailene and Ben
Shailene and Ben
Shailene and Ben

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