Nigerian Catholic Bishops condemn gender equality bill and distribution of condoms in schools.


Significant  Feelings are strongly expressed these days, to the interest of Christians, as the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, criticised the “Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill” saying some of its content could “provide an avenue for the legalisation of many anti-human life and anti-family activities.”

According to PremiumTimes, the clerics, in a communique at the end of their conference in Abuja, also condemned the distribution of condoms and other contraceptive pills in schools, because to their believe, it exposes prematurely rather than protect the ‘innocent ‘ mind of teenagers.

“Whereas we acknowledge some legitimate rights due to women and the need to promote them, we, nevertheless, condemn the provisions of the “Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill,” which could provide an avenue for the legalisation of many anti-human life and anti-family activities. We therefore demand that such provisions be expunged from the Bill. .

Similarly, we condemn in unmistakable terms the indiscrete distribution of condoms and contraceptive pills in our schools, youth service orientation camps and private/government health institutions. No person, authority or institution has the right to terminate human life,” they strongly expressed.

My Opinion:

I am not 100% sure of the equality right, and the reaction I would expect from these clergy concerning it, because anyone can misunderstand it for one reason or the other. But when you condemn handing over condoms and contraceptives to these students in institutions, does it mean you would rather  have them contact STDs, and have unwanted pregnancies? Because as far as I am  concerned, with or without these things bring handed to them, these curious students, will do what they want, especially immoral activities.

There is no evidence to prove that these things will encourage the kids. I mean it might, but it is better to know that you have something protecting then in your absence, rather than pretend that it is not going on in their midst.

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