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Life hacks: How to fill a Cup in the dark without spilling its content.

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The act of filling your cup with a liquid in the dark, especially water, has always been a challenge that has not gotten the right amount of attention that it deserves. Expecting that your cup will take more time than it requires to be filled  with water, is always a shocking myth, when you realise that the cup is filled to its brim, and is not spilling, giving you the mopping or cleaning  job, which wasn’t part of your initial plan.

It might be funny to have this article written, but it is in fact relevant to write this. Now my tactics, can only be applied if you are the one who is to consume the content of the cup.

As a blogger, I am always awake till late night, and since I hate to draw attention to myself,and even as a frugal, and bill sensitive lady, I hardly ever waste my electrical power by leaving the light on. So I rely on the TV and it light, to keep me awake, entertained, and bright. So I have had a first hand experience of trying to fill my cups with water (I drink a lot of water) from the dispenser in the middle of the night, even till about 2:00am. So, what I do to prevent the water from over flowing and spilling all over the ground, which will require me mopping it out, and wasting time on it, instead of working.

I simply stick my index finger into the cup, waiting to feel a cold sensation on my finger while the cup is being filled with water, to prevent it from getting to the brim and spilling.  Unless your hands have been recently washed, keeping them clean, then you can really do that to someone else’s cup of liquid. You can have a light, to watch the water fill the cup. But this is for my follow frugal humans. So when next you are trying to have a quick drink, stick that finger into the cup and prevent the liquid from wasting. You are welcome.

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