Legendary Super Star singer Snoop Dogg, pays for kids to go see the Movie Black Panther.

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With many doing a little or nothing for the children who are coming up, and looking up to them for some inspiration, the black community is finally taking their preaching to the kids, by going through what they love the most, a super hero.  Super heroes are adored by kids of the world. Be it a  male or a female. And with the black panther movie showing up in our lives, it is only right that we give these black kids, in the the black community, a reason to fight for what they belief in.

kdis don’t have the money to go to the cinemas, and movies like the black panther, is definitely directed to them, so they can have the urge to become better and make a better future for themselves. This is the reason why Legendary rapper, good cook, father, husband, smooth talker, and grand Dad, West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg sponsored a screening of black panther for the Kids at the Harlem Boys &Girl Club.

This simply is a thoughtful way to give back to the community that has supported you through the duration of your career. Snoop is know to be giving back to the community in very different and significant ways. He is very passionate and the kids and their future, so it was only righ it have been give these kids the chance to watch these super heroes of the black community.

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