America drops to 8th on the ‘Best Countries’ List.


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Seeming more like a notorious, dangerous, and one of the Unsafe places of the world, America drops to 8th position on the ‘Best Countries ‘ List. With all the random shooting and and killings, president careless speeches, and discriminations going on, it is even considered a good thing, that America dropped on only 8th.

According to the Hill, this is the second year in a roll, that’s has happened. The change started last year 2017, when the U.S dropped in the ranking, when it came 7th place, with Switzerland coming in at the top for two years, since 2017.

It is believed that the fall in ranks happened because of their bad boy president Trump, who has no problem telling off Countries of the world, since he believes that America is the greatest place on earth. Meanwhile, the world is seeing the Country as less trustworthy and more politically unstable since the President took over the office.

A Gallup poll recently found that global approval of U.S. leadership sank to its lowest point in nearly two decades during President Trump‘s first year in office. And clearly the President doesn’t think that this is a problem yet. According to the Tourism wing of the Country, they have witnessed a grey drop in tourism. While America is shutting her doors, Canada is having them broken down with open arms for all Law abiding citizens of the world to come in.

Take note of the fact that they need the law abiding citizens. This us for All of you who can’t respect yourself, not to talk of one simple rule. Canada is being kind and in need, it don’t mean that you take advantage of its kindness. Take that U.S. We only hope Trump wins a second term, just to keep everyone on their toes. He is an energetic man for his age, and it is a good thing.

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