With Only a few hours left for her to turn 30, Rihanna takes a big decision. | Oby Oriji Blog

With Only a few hours left for her to turn 30, Rihanna takes a big decision.

Rihanna is to turn 30

We all have known the beautiful, talented, multiple award winning singer Rihanna for over a decade. So it is odd to know that she is about to just turning 30 in less than 24 hours. RiRi who has achieved so much in her 20s that we only wonder what 30s holds in store for her. She probably might settle down and have kids with her billionaire boyfriend,  or have more money with more businesses established. The nervousness and anxiousness that is combined when people are turning 30, is always the fear of the unknown. Not sure what the other side holds for you, or simply being afraid to age. I think it is a blessing to age, if you ask me.  You wouldn’t known that, until you actually sit down to think about it. The fact that  a lot of people in this world couldn’t make it to their 30s, because their lives were cut short by one unfortunate thing or the other, is enough reason for us to be grateful for life and age, even when you didn’t achieve all you planned to be fore that age.

The obvious Scared Star has decided to make absolute use of the hours left in her 20s, to make all the bad decisions she possibly can, just so she can blame it on her 20s. We can’t help but wonder what the party being planned will look like. Rihanna hasn’t been one to celebrate her birthdays, but with this being a special one, we wonder what she is going to do to mark it.

Turning 30 is a big deal to every one especially the females. As a Nigerian, that is when your family starts to register you in every prophetic church service, so they can find out if you have been trapped by the devil not to get married, and succeed. That is the time it begins to tell on you, that you are so old and need to stay away from the people who will constantly remind you of the flaws your life seems to have, and the limitations it is showing forth. Happy birthday in advance Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty. We all look forward to witnessing it with you.

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Rihanna is to turn 30
Rihanna is to turn 30 tomorrow
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