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When to start exercising after a Cesarean section.

suavemoresco: Cesarean pride
Cesarean pride
Cesarean pride

Over time, there has never been any rush to get back to shape  for the women who gave birth through a cesarean section, unless Of course during the medieval period, like in the BC and AD when we had all sort of evil things taking place. Women, men and children were put into situation and conditions that no one on earth should have been, and still gruesome to revisit. So we can imagine a woman who had just giving birth, being forced to go back to work immediately  because she didn’t want to be killed for disobeying someone. But we are not talking about that today, we are talking about the super humans called women, who for one medical reason  or the other, have had to be surgically cut open to have their offsprings brought into the world by the doctor. The same  amount, or duration of healing time you accrue to any major surgical procedure to heal, should be the same time, even more, you give to a women who had just under gone a Cesarean section. This implies giving time for the stitches to heal, the body to recover, and the pain to reduce, before it eventually stops. But when we say C section recovery ,we are going to consider the women found in different situations of life.

Cesarean pride
Cesarean pride

There are actually categories of women who have put to bed In our society, some so lucky to have another human being look aft them a free their C section, some have an entire community of family, friends, and neighbours take care of them, while some aren’t as lucky as the first two. Now Let us look these categories of people.

Cesarean pride
Cesarean pride

. A wife with no relative to help her out after a C section: A Mother who had just put to bed with no one but her working husband to take care of her, is almost considered alone. This is because she is taking care of the house, the baby, and herself. While she is getting by most days, she is definitely overwhelmed by this process, that she is not sure when to take a break. In this case, it will take a long time to recover for the woman in this state. She might completely take the idea of coming back to work out away from her mind for upto a year. Men in this case, should please try as much as possible to differentiate the issue of work from that of his home. Don’t transfer aggression from work to home in this case,  don’t ask her why the house is so messing at 4pm, don’t ask her why she is not smelling of vanilla and have her makeup on fleek. As a man, When you get home to a woman in this case, be the nicest man on earth. She might be feeling ugly, depressed and the world passing them by. If this particular woman apologizes to you as a man for not being perfect, please shower her with compliments, and tell her how much pride she brings to you, and how much you appreciate her effort. Tell her she is a good mother, otherwise, we will have a depressed, once life of a party new mum in our hands. Get her an elderly, experienced maid to relief her of some of the pressure. If her family members didn’t voluntarily come to help her out and you didn’t you can solve whatever the case maybe, please do it. It will help hasten her recovery and happiness. A woman in this case, should be give it time, to have a a proper healing before commencing her workout. Do not be in a haste, or else you will detest it and hate the entire idea of workout, leaving you with years of hanging with baby weight.

. A mother gave birth to more than one child through C sectionA woman who has had more than one child at the same time, is also another case of woman who needs all the help in the world to prevent her from feeling overwhelmed. She is not the one to rush into recovery  until she had given herself the right amount of time to stabilize  the newly borns, to a state where it is safe for another person to cater for him/her/them, while she handled other things. These other things, could be cooking, cleaning, and workout . This group of women, also have the capability to  workout, at very short time win intervals.

. A mother with relatives to help out after a C section:

ehile this group of women, have all the help they can possibly ask for, they are the ones who have the tendency to easily start their reform process. This is because they can are allowed to only breast feed the child, and everyone else is there to take care of the child. This is considered the luckiest group, because, they have the wealth of people. People they trust and people who are genuinely there looking out for them. Not people who were paid to work for them, no people who might take drastic measures against them or the car.

. A single mother with no one to help her out: This is the group that cannot be overemphasized . The some of this group, can single handedly get back in shape out of mental and physical stress. They do every single thing all by themselves, except for those who have family members come care for them. This group can only on their own determine when it is ok go them to return. The fact that they have no option to fail, keeps them going. The fact that another person’s life depends on their wellness and stability, gives them the strength to continue. I love this group a lot, and aI always pray for them.

As a mother, before commencing the snap back process, you must  put into consideration, your health, mental balance, psychological and physiological readiness to commence this journey. Because recovery is a journey on its own, and then snap back body is equally another journey. Don’t put these two things together, and call them one. They are two different journeys, and they should intentionally be considered individually.  Your pain should heal, you scar should heal too, and then your mind should be made up. Don’t go there to do it because a woman that gave birth at the same time as you, has gotten her snap back body. You are not in the same category with this woman, don’t hurt yourself with comparism. Do it because you want to. Care for you new born, and then care for yourself as well.

Cesarean pride
Cesarean pride

According to Exercise physiologist and dietician Jill Stovsky, a mum who gave birth through C section, is agile and take ready to commence very light workout after 6-8 weeks of giving birth, with so many issues put into consideration, apart from special cases, and doctor’s go ahead orders.

Always take baby steps when you finally start. Start with walking, walk for as long as it requires. Without pain and tearing of your scars, the you can graduate to the exercise of your choice. Please don’t start with the hectic ones. The light exercises will simply give you the chance to see if your body is ready for the journey. After you are sure that you can do this, then you can now go higher, always increasing the magnitude at a healthy pace.

But remember, your doctor’s report, is the very most important thing, that tells you when to start. Your Doctor has the ultimate power at this point, especially if you had that wonderful bundle of joy, through C section.

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