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The reasons why Government workers are considered the worst in Nigeria.

Nigeria Government workers

There is a reason why Governemnt workers are not ready to ever retire from work, Ever. They reduce their ages for the number of times it requires, to keep them in the work force. They dye their hair for decades to keep them looking young enough to remain the working. If you have ever had the problem of a Nigerian who is finding it hard to say their actual age when asked, then it is because of the morals our generation of Government worker parents have instilled in us.  Over the years of my existence, I have seen the behavioral difference between the Governemnt workers and others. You catch a normal worker acting undesirably at work, and you threaten to report them to a manager, and you instantly get a remorseful, or a reduce magnitude of that obnoxious behavior. But in the case of a federal government worker, you have no one to threaten them with, you have no one to report them to, because they all act alike. From the bosses, down to the secretary and janitors, all want you to drop something(bribe them). You dare point out their behavior, and you stand a risk of never achieving the reason why you even showed up to that office. They are just at work to get their Salary, to take back and grow their personal businesses (for the smart ones). They just want to have their suit on, and pointing at a large building as their work place, to feed their ego.

Nigeria Government workers
Nigeria Government workers

There is no reason why a Governemnt worker, who is slated to be at the office at  8/9am every workday, actually gets there by 12noon, and then ask you to give them an hour to settle before you can be attended to. They are not afraid of you, they are not afraid of reports against them, because it doesn’t affect their work in anyway. They are not afraid of their bosses, because half the time, they are also covering up a big secret for their bosses. While those in personal businesses, will do more than they are expected to at work, just to seem relevant and remain in their work place, while licking a long line of bosses’ boots.

But these amidst these Government workers who act without the fear of impunity, there are very sane and completely intelligent and ones that will have you wondering how they survive in that line of work, surrounded by the rest. I have encountered the good and bad, and I was so Impressed with the good, that I will be doing them a big wrong if I don’t acknowledge that their category of Government workers, are the  few who push the office forward, and keep their Governemnt system running smoothly. Their investigations, devotion to work, and need to supervise their lazy colleagues, have been one of the reasons these places are still open for activities.

Nigeria Government workers
Nigeria Government workers

Everyone who is anyone in this Country, with a personal business and a list of staff on their payroll, who have an atom of sincerity in them, can single handedly tell you  that they can never run and succeed in their businesses if they emulated  the way federal government workers operated their jobs. You have never seen person or group of persons,  with such disconnect, such lack of enthusiasm to carry on their jobs without any personal interest, such lack of interest to achievement a goal as a team, like the Governement workers of Nigeria do. They are the people that show up to the 7-5 job by 12noon, spend one hour and leave for their personal hustle outside the office. They are the same people that will ensure that you bribe your way through every stage of their office hierarchy to get what they are in existence to do.

The federal government  workers are the ones who don’t go out of their way to achieve a goal collectively, because they know that at the end of every month, they get paid by the federal government, whether they work or not.  They are only driven by their salaries that they start expecting, on the very day they receive the last one, and immediate start counting days left for them to collect the very next one.

A federal worker will leave office for hours to go sell/buy goods that they can sell to the people who come to their office for other reasons, and they go it with no atom of remorse whatsoever to the people who have been waiting on them through out the time they were absent. They promote the consistency of  heavy bribery even more than their Airport staff Counterparts, whose beggarly attitude have become a national embarrassment to Airport users.  This lack of responsibility served by federal workers has become so common that we actually get impressed when an average worker does their job without seeking for personal interest. This is the reason why anyone who has worked for the government and leaves to come work in personal businesses and companies, will always have issues keeping up with the level of work done in these places. This is because in the private business, your level of work and goal achievements, determines your growth promotion. while in the federal workers world, they actually work for as long as it took, hoping to attain that class that will guarantee them a promotion, or they just rely on personal relationship, and bribery to move up the ladder. Show me a government worker and I will show you a person who is never going to sincerely work to take an establishment to a greater height, because they do it for their pay check, and for the money they have been given.

Nigeria Government workers
Nigeria Government workers

No body in this Country Nigeria, who has attained adulthood, won’t have a tale or two of their encounter with an obnoxious government worker, especially the ones in institutions. They are the people who built the corruption in educational institution to the height it  currently is. They tell a student that they won’t pass an exam until they bribe their way through, they target a student for sexual and monetary gains and turn them into a victim. Victims who in turn, see this behavior as a culture, that they will continue even after the leave school. I have seen a few of Governemnt workers who actually take their jobs seriously, those ones get to complain about their colleagues for the entire time they last in that job, and for that, God bless the actual Selfless Government workers in our Country. Their fellow workers only adjust when they are served a query, but are always very ready to protest the lack of payment, and match for a whole day, because their salary drives thei ambition.

The issue of Governemt workers and lack of enthusiasm to work without putting forward their personal interest, is a menace that has eaten deep into the core of our Country,  so low that you can not get rid of it even in the next decade.

It has gotten so far that Lazy National Youth Service Corps members who are looking to avoid their place of primary assignment to pursue something else, are always looking forward to being posted to a Governemnt work environment, because they are going to find it a lot easier to escape their responsibilities, and  because they get to see their bosses and over all workers do the same thing, while they only get to see them ones in a week.

Even the government alone, can’t heal this land. It takes every one of us.

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