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Shocking: “A Doctor Killed my son” – Bereaved Actress Eucharia Anunobi


The recently bereaved Nigerian mother and veteran Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi has taken a period of  six months, before speaking up about the circumstances she thought surrounded the death of her only son. Many would remember that she expressed exptreme depression after the death of her son, whom had suffered sickle cell anemia all through his life, which made him visit the hospital more often than usual, until his death in August of 2017. According to the reports, the veteran Actress, expressed her sincere condition, as she openly stated that she wasn’t done in anyway mourning her son, as she told the son, that he was in her words ” A very good child”.

But the one that had people wondering, was when she  disclosed that her son was killed out of an avoidable mistake by a doctor.

“if not for the mistake of the doctor that her child would have been alive today” She said. She went ahead to say that she hasn’t taken off her morning clothes, which is the tradition of the Igbos, to wear a particular cloth, for a period of time, while they  mourn after burying a loved one. She said she has been wearing only white outfits since his passing because he was a good child to her, who was mistakenly killed by a doctor.

“I have not removed my mourning clothes, neither have I opened my hair since the death of my son. I have only been wearing white since his demise and the reason I have maintained this is because my son was a good boy to me. But he was mistakenly killed by the doctor. My son was not supposed to die. He was a very wonderful child.”

After his passing, the actress had gone ahead to mark her late son’s birthday in an orphanage, in his memory. This is a life issue every mother on earth dreads. No good mother, no matter the age and number of her kids, would want them to pass on. So for this we pray she receives the consolation of God himself even as she carries on in life without hey only child. But honestly, if she is sure of this claims and accusation, then she should sue the doctors, the hospital, and the pharmacy involved. #sueeveryone

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