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ObyOrijifitness: Ladies, this is how to get rid of fat Arms.

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Fat arms has always and will always be a big problem for women, due to the hormonal changes their bodies go through, from being a single woman, to giving up your body for procreation and give birth to another life, who will then rely on you forever, until adulthood. Most woman adore the act of birthing, that they have so many, and then put themselves at the bottom of their priority list, gaining so much weight, that they accept the new size, as the size they were meant to be. Meanwhile, you could actually go even lower and lighter in size, than  you were before you have the kids.

But over the years, some women have openly said that their husbands have express their preference for their new size. Saying they don’t want their wives to lose weight for any reason, because it is for some reason, sexy to them, when their wives get really fat. I am not the one to tell any lady what is good for her, but in this era of fat related diseases likes diabetes, heart attacks, cardiac arrest and so on, there is always no advantage, no gain, not advisable for any one to pick being fat, over being fit and healthy. No one who loves his wife, will want to tell his wife to get really fat for him, for the sake of sex, which is selfish and inconsiderate for anyone to wish upon a woman they claim to love.

So, we have had more women complain about only losing weight on their arms, which Nigerians call a ‘Christian Mother’ arm, rather than lose weight in their entire body. And this is what we have brought today.

And today, we will be looking at how to remove rolls from you armpit, and reduce the size of your arm. But when you want to make the arms muscular and fit, then the gym, cardio,and lifting, will do the magic.

.Circular rotations:  Stretch out your arms by your side, to the height of your shoulders. Make sure it is stretched out Straight, and then make a circular move with the both of them at the same time with a speed that will raise your heart rate, roll it clock wise and anti clock wise 30 times each.

.Alternate Arm Waves: This moves involves swinging your arms just like you do when you walk on a normal day,  but this time around, you have swim it with a very significant force, to raise your heart beat. You can swing both arms, while you match on a spot, like you are trying to have a match time, which is matchin on a spot. Doing it 60 times with 30 on both arms.

.Arms Spreads to back and front: This moves involves stretching your arms out by your sides, like you did in circular rotations, but this time around, you quickly stretch the arms at the same time in front of you, and take them back at the same time to your sides, still stretched out, doing it 30 times. And then you do the same thing, but this time, taking both hands to the back. This time, you have to take it easy with this move, to limit pain and injury,as it is not every body you can take their hands to the back. Try to do it slowly the first day, and increase the pace as time goes on as you do it 30 times everyday.

.Hands Above head: Stretch out your arms by your side, and then you lift them both to above your head, at a speed high enough to increase your heart beat, and do it for 30 times in the first day, because this can be really effective.

.Making Angel on the floor: When you lay straight on the floor, put both legs together, and then you stretch out your arms and flap them in a circular motion like a bird with both arms at the same time, doing it 30 times.

For more on this watch the video below.

Video credit: Bright Side

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