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Obyorijifitness: Is there a body size, that can never be reduced through exercise.


Before we start, I will like to state that because the Governemnt of Nigeria, does not hand out welfare to anyone,no matter your situation,  it means that everybody, be you on the light or heavy side, will have to work, or rely on a relative, to feed you. So in reality, what this means is that, the size of mobidly obsess people we have abroad( U.S, Canada,U.K), in Countries where their Governemnt actually feeds the handicaps, they have a lot larger obsess people than what we have in Nigeria. Big  women in Nigeria are surprisingly very active. They still seen walking to their stores, going to the market, preparing their kids for school, and having a normal life.

The difference here in these two circumstances, is that fact while the government and family members of the other countries, helps the citizens get that big, which in some other people’s words, ‘Encourages’ them to keep living the unhealthy life style that is killing them, their counterparts in Nigeria actually have to face their very own consequences, they run their homes the normal way that everyother person is doing, because no one has the time to baby sit them.

But the question here today is this:

.Is there a particular weight that has been seen as an impossible an irreversible place to return from? . The answer is :


.Absolutely not.

Every  body  weight is completely reversible with a better diet and excercise. The issue with some people is that, after losing their fat, due to the extremities involved in their obesity, their skin gets extremely stretched, and they cannot even get a normal life until they have undergone a skin tuck surgery, where they have their excess skin removed, for them to feel better and lighter to live a normal life.

So with this said, there actually is no size you are currently on, that can’t be drastically reduced with exercise and diet. Say “No” to that voice in your head, telling you that it is a scam that they tell you all these positive stories, for you to buy products. You are limiting yourself, not the body. So please, especially the women, if you are ashamed or conscious of your body, and don’t want to be made fun of, the hire a personal trainer who can either have a private workout session with you in the gym, or at your home.

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