ObyOrijifitness: Help!!! I have Been struck by laziness butterflies.. | Oby Oriji Blog

ObyOrijifitness: Help!!! I have Been struck by laziness butterflies..

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Hi Guys, so this right here, is obviously a sincerity time for me as a weary exercise lover . I feel the need to share my experience with my fellow adrenaline junkie and readers, because ever since the dawn of Valentine’s Day, which happen to be a long 8 days ago. Can you imagine that I haven’t Jorge din the last eight days? I have been looking forward to resuming my workouts, because that is one of the sources of my happiness and confidence, but it hasn’t been intentional, it is only because I have been all shades of tired. You can’t imagine how deficient I feel after staying away from my workouts for a very long time of 8days. I wake up as early as I usually do every morning, say about 6:30am,  but the difference is that I have no zeal or enthusiasm to get up, dress up and run.

This is very weird, because I hardly ever stay away from workout for this long. The satisfaction and calmness I receive after every workout, is the Same thing that keeps me coming back to the act. I like the fact that your body size is kept constant the same way you want it to be for as long as you can keep it going. I have always loved to lose all those weight by the cheapest means and length of time. Being frugal and In love with working out, I have always understood that as Nigerians, we are involuntarily surrounded by our favorite starchy foods, which we can no longer deny that we are In love with. Since I wasn’t born skinny, I have to make myself be just what I want myself to look like, with out the hell of the doctors. And in my calendar, there is no space for laziness, so shouldn’t ours.

The essence of this , is that there is always going to be a lazy time in your workout life, just like everything other thing in life, you are to remember the very reason why you started in the first place. You are allowed to be lazy for the shortest time, dust yourself up, and crawl yourself back up to Working out. Don’t get lazy and remain there. And for that reason, I have decided to go back to being active tomorrow morning, and I promise to share the photos,  a.k.a evidence of truth to you all, just so you know that you are not alone in your workout challenges. I love being healthy and fit, and that alone will keep me going for ever, with the needed strength to achieve all the goals I have set out.

ffitness.inspo: Obyorijifitness
ffitness.inspo: Obyorijifitness
bootytransformation: obyorijifitness
bootytransformation: obyorijifitness
fitnesstreneri.ru: obyorijifitness
fitnesstreneri.ru: obyorijifitness
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ajahzifit: Obyorijifitness

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