Nigeria becomes the second largest tomato producing Country in Africa. | Oby Oriji Blog

Nigeria becomes the second largest tomato producing Country in Africa.

Nigeria, second largest producers

With our love of tomatoes consumption as Nigerians, it was a matter of time before we became biggest producers of it. The pride of the red colour in our food, is something the world is accepting from us.  Nigeria has been considered the second largest producer of tomatoes in Africa behind Egypt, and 14th in the world.

But this was not the interesting case here. While we produce fresh tomatoes for our sauce, rice, salad, soups, basically everything we consume on a daily basis in the Country, but the sad thing is that the  country Nigeria, even though the second largest producers of tomatoes, is also the world’s largest importer of tomato paste.
Has the same way we handle our crude and refined oil, been applied to our fresh tomatoes and tomato paste.? Other wise if we produce this much tomatoes in the Country, then the hard part is over. The easier side is to purchase the machines, needed to change it to a paste,package, and sell it to the already established market. Why do we intentionally torture our selves as Africans? We all know the right thing to do, but no one cares to do it.

Why then will you produce this much tomatoes and sell  to other countries and still go back to buy the product in refined form that is In a grinded form,and you expect other people to respect you?

This is the action of mentally deficient fellow. You would rather buy back your own thing, because you belief you can’t do it like they do, or because you are simply mental and physically for no reason.

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Nigeria, second largest producers
Nigeria, second largest producers


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