The confusing result, when a baby doesn't receive antenatal care in the worm. | Oby Oriji Blog

The confusing result, when a baby doesn’t receive antenatal care in the worm.

Pregnancy health

Answers to this question will rely on the condition of the baby, the habits of the mother, but mostly the intention of MOTHER NATURE. This simply means  that some babies were made strong, while some others weren’t, for no reason.

We have heard of mothers who didn’t know they were pregnant until the delivery day came, they felt excruciating pain and went straight into labour thinking they were having medical issue,only for them to be told that they have  gone into active labour.

Most people will swear that it is an impossible story for a person not to know that they were pregnant, But I will always look at them with a smirk smile, and say. “This world is too deep, and we will never know it all.” 

Pregnancy health
Pregnancy health

This is because Some mothers eat everything they want, dust,chalk,sand, not having any form of care during their pregnancy, drinking liquor with high percentage of alcohol in them, smoke everything smokable, mostly because they didn’t know they were pregnant, because they saw their period (spotting ) all through the nine months. *Even though some people intentionally drink when they know they are pregnant.*

This same category of people like I said earlier,  will only realise they are pregnant when they have been rushed to the emergency world, or when they have surprisingly had their babies in the toilet, bathtub, car,bush,bedroom any unusual place you can think of, and in a matter of just minutes, they have their babies and you realise that the babies are fill term, healthy, and having no health issues whatsoever.

Pregnancy health
Pregnancy health

Some other women will eat  right, workout, have regular checkups, abstain form drinking and smoking, monitor their baby for the entire nine months with all kinds of doctors and devices, only for them to go into labour that will last for as long as 12 hours or more, and then have a baby who requires medical attention..

People have even come up with the notion that exposing the unborn baby to excessive rays from hospital machines may have led to the health issue that babies these days are born with, and suffer from. Some health  issues we have these days, even with the availability of our modern day technologies, were never there in the olden days.

Pregnancy health
Pregnancy health

In those days, had babies everywhere,   including while working on the farm. while they worked, they step aside,have their baby, come back and continue with their farming afterwards. So please don’t put all your instinct in the hands of a doctor whose medical journey, IQ, and experience you cant trace. Meaning that you don’t know how good a doctor any one is.

So please take care of you and the baby, the best way possible, and don’t be carefree with the life you are creating in you.

Pregnancy health
Pregnancy health

From my experience, I don’t not think Antenatal guarantees an unborn baby’s health status.

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