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What every man can learn from Jay Z.

Couples goal

A lot of people only see music Mogul as a super successful man who marries the hottest woman. This is not abnormal, because it is the easiest this for anyone to see when your hustle starts to pay.

Jay Z and Beyonce might be the richest hip hop couple in public, but underneath, we have been told that they have one of the strictest work ethics. They work harder than the poor, and up coming in the industry, and set new goals and standard  each time, just For them to maintain the spot that the whole world is fighting to take away.

Couples goal
Couples goal

Jay Z is known for his multiple streams of business, which doesn’t have to do with music alone. Music might give you the money/capital to do what you have always wanted to do, but how you manage/handle the money you get from it, will  determine how much of it will remain in the nearest future. Will it grow, diminish, or dry out? In Jay Z’s case, we can say that he sure took the right step to have doubled his money.

Humility: Beyonce mentioned in her song ‘Halo’ that her husband Jay Z, taught her to be humble. Jay Z is relatively known to have a cold head even after all that achievement, just like the other billionaires that I respect. JayZ taught her to enjoy and intensify her creativity while making a mark on he generation, because the money will always come, but it shouldn’t distract you, it should only encourage you. This was and still is what JayZ is doing to his wife and kids. Letting them grow up like normal citizens.

Couples goal
Couples goal

Encourage and uplift his woman: They say behind every successful man, is a strong woman. What if the woman draws her strength from her man? This is a circle of relationship. You both draw strength from each other, not intimidated by the other person’s fast success. As a man, if your girl’s success intimates you, it is a big sign of insecurity. Because a man should encourage his wife’s success, while he strive to attend His own.

Beyonce gain a lot of relevance around the world, after she became JayZ’s wife. She aimed higher, and went for her target. She got him, and locked it down, not letting cheating break her focus.

Couples goal
Couples goal

JayZ will help look after their child, while his Wife Beyonce is performing or rehearsing. He holds Beyonce down, serving as her father, advisor, backbone, comforter, superior, and husband.

But most of all, he takes her photos which get millions of likes on her social media pages, taking it the exact way she wanted it, just like photo above.

Couples goal
Couples goal

What all you guys should learn from JayZ, is to humbly work hard to be a King, while you desperately help your Girl to equally become your Queen.

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