Video: "Imo state prefers you steal than smoke weed"– Governor Rochas tells his people | Oby Oriji Blog

Video: “Imo state prefers you steal than smoke weed”– Governor Rochas tells his people

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A disturbing video in Igbo language has emerged of the the ridiculous  Governor Rocha’s Okorocha emphasizing the depth of his hatred for weed and weed smokers to the people of IMO State.  The Governor was seen  Telling them that anyone caught smoking weed, would have his/her house burnt down, before being imprisoned.

In the video, the carefree Governor, made a careless speech to the audience dominating by men in what seemed like a commissioning, Stating that at this point in time in IMO State, he will prefer A person steals, than smoke weed. When the small crowd broke into mockery laughter, he proceeded to raise his hand in the air, signifying the laughter stops so he can continue to make sense out of the trash he just said.

When laughter ceased, he made to correct himself by saying ” If you steal, you will go to prison. If you steal with a gun, you will be shoot. But if you smoke weed, you will have your house burnt down, before you go to prison.”

IMO people come and take your statue building, happiness commissioner appointing, theft encouraging, and over all unbelievably not so cool Governor.

Please there us no way, stealing is better than smoking weed. If this man hates smokers that much, he should simply say so, instead of trying to compare such sensitive two to his state people. This is disturbing, and appalling. Let us be very careful as leaders with what comes out of our mouth when in public. This might look like a joke, but  it is inappropriate even for you Governor Rochas.

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