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The new Sex Doll that has got ladies of the world protesting.

Sex dolls horror

Here is the new sex doll in the market. Her name is Samantha, made by Al software, and she costs $3,375 which is like N1,215,000 in Nigerian currency.

Sex dolls horror
Sex dolls horror

Samantha is the reason why every girl is protesting out of insecurity as they watch her possess almost everything that a human lady does, causing an uproar in the world.

Sex dolls horror
Sex dolls horror

Samantha being a sex robot,reacts to being touched, moans during sexual intercourse, and recognizes individuals who she has had encounter with. Which means she can call her partner out by his name during sex. She can speak several languages, and is said to speak several languages. According to Samantha’s inventor, she can replicate a female orgasm during sex.

Sex dolls horror
Sex dolls horror

This is thought of by many as scary and disturbing to know that anyone can walk into a store to purchase a sex doll who can do a lot as far as sex is concerned, putting more pressure on the already stretched relationship between real human male and females. Can minors with $3375 walk into a store and get themselves a Samantha? Can married couples own one Samantha? Will this be considered as cheating if a married man is caught with it? And to think that it isn’t as expensive as cars and houses. It is actually adorable.

Sex dolls horror
Sex dolls horror

This bothers a lot of women who say that their flaws will be pointed out to them because of Samantha. Tolerance level will drastically reduce because of Samantha, as men can act the way they feel like since no one is holding them with sex as bait. Now they can go and be with samantha the whole weekend.

So ladies,it is time to be a lot nicer than usual, because Samantha can take your place at the snap of a finger. This is SAS for the women of this world. Marriage, single, not straight. But a lot of sexual offences can reduce with the help of Samantha. She sure has her good and bad side. It creeps me out 😒😒😒

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