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The Hygiene Nigerian women require from their men.


Men assume that since women are naturally child bearers and nurturers, then everything concerning cleanliness and hygiene should only be directed to them. Some people of this world, pay attention to their personal health so much that it becomes a problem, while others do not care one bit, that it equally becomes an issue.

Health for men
Health for men

On this note, while women are being called out on a daily basis for some cleanliness and smell issues, they have decided to  to say theirs’.

Africans, especially Nigerians are lovers of carbohydrate, their circle of meals revolve round starchy foods. The blue collar, white collar, and entrepreneur  all consume carbohydrate on a daily basis, which single handedly thwarts the intention of anyone who wants to become a vegetarian in Nigeria. Everyone consumes a lot of it for energy to carry on the day’s activities, which involves the traffic situation,money making and family building, all I’m the midst of living a healthy balance life.

while Nigerian men try to keep some food on the table, and make ends meet , they claim to have no time to burn the fat that has over time accumulated in the bodies, thereby hastening the developing a pot belly.

Health for men
Health for men

Since pot belly and fat are seen as evidences of good living, these men don’t bother getting rid of it, after it comes, they would Rather increase the sizes of their clothes to accommodate the new body size. And this is greatly encouraged by the fact that Nigerians easily get tailors to get sew them new clothes.

With a constantly growing, and incredibly unhealthy pot belly that stops these men from being able to see their very own private parts, and from there, comes the inability of these men to shave and keep their scrotum neat, and finally the smell majestically comes in, to live.

And with that,Nigerian women are calling on all the hard working, responsible, and well loved husband/boyfriend in our fresh Country Nigeria, who have  a woman in their lives, be it a wife, baby mama, or just girlfriend.

These are some steps you can take I’m  in innocent healthier husband/boyfriend.


Health for men
Health for men


1. First of all, Lose the pot belly by working out. and in turn, getting back the self confidence they need.

2. Shave the private areas eliminating the smells.

3. Your pubic hair is not suppose to be brown in anyways unless you are an Albino. So please, scrub properly while taking your bath to prevent some kind on it and leave.

You want to tell us that you are too busy making money that you couldn’t get your reproductive organs checked out.

Women work too, give birth and nurture kids, take care of the men, stills have to be the ones to see the unpleasant happenings fixed and closed.

So Dear men, check yourself to day to make sure that you are not the one with the smelly situation. This women can’t tell their men, because they will blow it out of pro. So Dear men, Please let’s all we can, to get our these scrotums clean and healthy.

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