Queen Elizabelth II and her husband of 70 years as they attended Church Service on Christmas Day. | Oby Oriji Blog
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Queen Elizabelth II and her husband of 70 years as they attended Church Service on Christmas Day.

Royal could

Photo of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she Attended The Sandringham Church Service On Christmas Day Along Side Her Husband Of 70 Years The Duke Of Edinburgh.

Royal could
Royal could

My Opinion:

You look at this royal couple, and nothing special about them but the fact that they are a big part of a Royal family. You look at them celebrate their 70th anniversary and wonder if you they have not given each other a reason to get divorced, or the royal law forbids them from separating? Of course that is not the case, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced before her death.

Royal could
Royal could

Remember that Prince Charles had always loves an older Camilla, which the Queen didn’t approve of, because Camilla was a socialite, who was suspected to be an Open Eye’. So the Queen preferred Diana to arranged marry Princess Diana. After years and two boys, the marriage  didn’t work out, so they separated after they both tried their best to make it work.

They got divorced, but because of the two boys gotten from the marriage (Williams and  Harry )the Princess was ordered to stay back in the royal castle to show  submissiveness and to prevent her from smearing the name of the royal family in mud when she dates a commoner.

But Princess Diana being a strong girl, didn’t pay any attention to that order, and went from dating a commoner that they didn’t want, straight down to dating a Muslim man.

Royal could
Royal could

So seeing this two celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary,  will tell everyone that is smart enough to realize, that there must have been series of very high ups, and a very low downs. Especially with a Woman not just being the head of the family, but the head of an entire kingdom, making and taking decisions for millions.

70 years? That is the blessing of life. This is the way I want my 70th to be like. Still walking around by myself, with my husband right beside me, and hopefully still having sex at age 90.

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Royal could
Royal could
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