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Please Guys, What is the best way to handle work place theft?

Work place theft

With everyone coming different backgrounds, Different orientations, different means of solving their pressing needs, and different ways to achieve their goals, all converge in a workplace,establishment, company to work for the same course.

Work place theft
Work place theft

While they do that, they equally try to solve their problems from home, either considerately or selfishly, which leads to theft at a workplace, that affects the peace of a working environment, tarnish the image of fellow colleagues, or even lead to people being laid off work.

Work place theft
Work place theft

Now how do you handle the issue of a work place theft as a boss or employee?

They say CCTV does the magic, but most times, the much a CCTV can do is get you a blurry  image  with no specification. While the western world rely on CCTV, detectives and police force to solve their theft issues, Nigerians would rather go for a faster means, which is to consult the spiritual powers of juju.

Work place theft
Work place theft

Over the years, they have actually caught thieves at a work place using these means. But in the case where it leads to the dismissal of innocent colleagues because neither of these means where consulted, what then is the solution ?

Please guys, can anyone give the best and fastest means to catch a work place thief. Is there a good way to have this sorted out?

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