Nigeria's highest paid Sex therapist JAARUMA graduates as a valedictorian from a Turkish college. | Oby Oriji Blog

Nigeria’s highest paid Sex therapist JAARUMA graduates as a valedictorian from a Turkish college.


Hauwa  Muhammed Is  an unmarried successful business woman and CEO of her very own company JAARUMA, a Muslim who hails from the North,.  She rarely goes  by the name  Hauwa Muhammed Saidu,  but at least her certificate says as the name of he company has taken over that name. She has single handedly started a sexual improvement revolution with her range of products which come from a range of natural ingredients.  The young woman who been called a “A hooker, a whore,  a prostitute” by men and women of her tribe and religion, who belief she is bringing shame to Islam and Northern Nigeria by breaking  the Norm and prohibition of Northern Nigeria women against open sexual expressions and descriptions, talk more of improving the hidden act. This lady has proven herself to be one of the strongest women to come from Northern Nigeria.

Even as a Muslim lady who is expected by her family, friends, and Ngerians to be under a man by now,performing her natural duties to him, satisfying his sexually and physically needs, bearing him children and so on and so forth.  But she step out of he norm, being a role model to many Nigerian young girls, teaching the, to always dream bigger in life, never allowing anyone to tell you what you want from and will be in life, never letting what people say about you deter you from your goals and dreams. Hauwa was called a whore by her fellow Northern ladies, the same ladie she is trying to help keep their marriages, because they are always neglected after marriage by their hubands who go for the very next young thing they see. Hate pages on social media were created to bring her down and break her, but as they opening said awful things about her, she got more famous, and more clients. Haters were converted to clients, clients who have brought in their family members  and friends for treatment. If you know how hypocritical Southern Nigeria is about sex, then multiply it by 10, and then you know the extent of pressure this young lady is facing on a daily basis and still striving from it.

She has  definitely come a long way to prove that she is not just about sex and sexual organs. The highest paid sex therapist whose company goes by the name JAARUMA EMPIRE, has successfully converted her haters to her obsessed friends and believers.

The young lady broke the Internet yesterday when she posted pictures and videos of her graduation day from a college in Turkey, as she had the highest GPA over all, graduating as a valedictorian with 2 bachelor Degrees, speaking four languages. She is not just a beauty, she clearly has a big brain in that head. The body, career ,and business goals are intact.

Do you guys know that she once bought a car for her motehr, and she rejected it because according to her ,she wasn’t going to take it when she didn’t know the source of the income, considering she isn’t married yet. This goes to show the mentality that they have put in Northern women. So a single daughter can’t buy she mother anything with her money, unless she is married to a man, then that justifies her source of income. This is a disturbing motion, and it will take decades to change. We are just glad that someone from the North is strong enough to raise an evolution against her people and the mentality that have succeeded in putting in generations .

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