Ex-football legend Kanu's wife Amarachi, disgraces her brother inlaw, Ogbonna on Instagram. | Oby Oriji Blog

Ex-football legend Kanu’s wife Amarachi, disgraces her brother inlaw, Ogbonna on Instagram.


Ex-football legend Kanu’s wife Amarachi, disgraces her  brother inlaw, Ogbonna on Instagram.

Amara KANU who is the 30 something year old wife of KANU Nwankwo, has called out her brother in-law and younger brother to her husband Ogbonnaya KANU on Instagram, for always collecting what is meant for her and her kids from Kanu, how he had tortured her right from when she was married as a teenager thinking she was going to die from neglect.


Remember Amara was 18 years when she married KANU, she was a naive bride, who went into marriage without a clue. She is now summoning enough courage to call out her brother in-law, and husband to Linda Ikeja’s younger sister Laura,  who she accused of being a borrow pose, and a thief. Saying he had gotten his way with her rights back in the days, but wasn’t going to let him do the same thing to her kids.


According to her explanation, ogbonna showed off a ticket to a game in London, talking about being there live, but was embraced by his sister in-law who said the ticket was meant for her son, who suppose to go to the games with his father, but was sideline by Uncle Ogbonna who convinced KANU Nwankwo to give him the ticket instead of the little boy.  Crying to his mother, Amara had to say something to warn the newly married younger brother yo KANU.


Remember that last year, this same ogbonnaya showed off a private jet photo on instagram, insinuating that he was about to take his then pregnant wife Laura abroad on a private jet to give birth. But Instagram Nigerians fetched the real picture and realised that it was a photo of him tagging along during one of KANU Nwankwo’s charity events.


Is he really a borrow pose? We are not sure, but we will be watching him and that behaviour . Not wanting to be involved in the mess, his wife Laura disabled her comment session on Instagram as Nigerians tagged the hell out of her.

Recall that Laura is presenting herself as a ‘brand influencer’ , and she has her while life in Instagram, so it was easy for people to quickly tag her to the mess just to see her reaction.  Couple wahala indeed. We also heard that Amara and Laura are not in good terms.

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