Dear Nigerians, a new bank fraud tactics by yahoo boys has emerged. | Oby Oriji Blog

Dear Nigerians, a new bank fraud tactics by yahoo boys has emerged.

Bank fraud

These guys are always at work though. Initially, these guys started sending messages about ATM pin number being fake and all, and that you have to send them your BVN, ATM pin to have them help you out in rectifying the false  issue with the account.

In the beginning, many fell victim of this fraud. They practically emptied many unsuspecting victims’ accounts, rendering many broke and penniless for something they thought was genuine.  People started to raise alarm over it, and got many to stop replying them.

Bank fraud
Bank fraud

Seeing that a lot of them have come to the realisation of their fraud, they have come up with a new way to defraud individuals.

A lady sent me an audio record of her conversation with a certain so called ‘manager of customer care’ for diamond bank. This call lasted for a really long time while this said guy was trying to convince this woman to send him her bank details to help her unfreeze her frozen mobile banking App. Meanwhile, this woman never had a diamond bank account, talk more of having it mobile app. She listened to this guy blab for more thirty minutes, sounding all convincing, speaking a good English, and even calling out the name of a branch he is calling from.

Bank fraud
Bank fraud

She decided to cut him short before she tarted to throw abuses and curses on him. He didn’t flinch one second. He maintained the lies, saying he didn’t know what she was talking about. Only for him to end the call with the line.

“Ehn you don’t code wetin come happen?” Which means;

“you have caught me in the act, what then?”

Bank fraud
Bank fraud

Do you know he continued to ask her for her bank and its details? The guts has definitely climbed five steps higher guys. So please be warned out there. These guys don’t go to sleep as innocently as some others do.

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