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Behaviours, We all should leave behind this new year.


Happy new year guys. You all are Welcome to 2018, I am glad we made it, and grateful to God that we did.

This new year, I am almost so convinced that a lot of Good things will  happen to us, so I will be needing a lot of feedbacks from you readers when yours happens, so we can get closer in our blogger reader relationship.

So I have sat myself down, I told myself some bitter truth about the behaviours, I definitely need to drop behind, and burn to ashes the year. I have dropped them right at the foot of 2017. If you did the same problems like I do, then let’s drop them together.



This year 2018, I will always remind myself that people are not super humans, they make mistakes just  like I do, and must  be pardoned for them,just  like God does to us. I will reduce my expectation from people to the  very minimum. I will let my self be surprised by the good people who value trust relationships, rather than be disappointed by every single person because I was expecting too much from them. This year, I expect nothing from anyone, but will appreciate the effort of everyone who tried to live up to their words. I will expect nothing..


All my life, I have been known to be a sensitive person right from birth. Easily offended, easily reactive, easily spotting the bad side of people, and not easily letting go. It has been a rather energy demanding traits, which has never been useful in anyway. Bringing more harm than good, breaking relationships, and ending friendships. For that reason, I HAVE STOPPED IT. No more anger in 2018.


This year 2018, the act of talking too much, will be minimized, and converted to writing a lot. Everything needed for me to say, will be on the blog. My mind and mouth are so connected that they relay quick information to each other, and that is dangerous. Most times when I am angry, I express my feelings the exact way that I feel, which is not suppose,  This  has never been a cute situation. I offend myself, and the other person involved, ending things that I value. THAT MUST STOP ..


The act of Trying to have a perfect picture in your head, with a perfect plan, and a perfect result, has bandaged my mind for a long time. Always thinking things through, is not always good for you . I will take risks this year, no doubt about that, without minding the outcome (Good risks though). I will  just go with the flow. (The good kind of flow), and expand my happy place with others in it.


To all those who have wronged me, I forgive you. To all those who will wrong me in future, I will free myself and everyone else from the trend of mental torture, and prison. If I have ever wronged you too, I beg that you forgive me, and let’s move on. I will forgive and hope you do the same this year, to free you mind, mental health and conscience this year.


This year, I am willing to let myself love and be loved. I will free every person of the sin of the previous ones. I will not judge any human being with the sins of the predecessors,  Everyone will stand for his/herself, and not get compared to any other person. I will be happier this, make more money and spend my money on myself and my family  this year, be kind to others and the needy this year, and Love God more this year.

And I will definitely be kind to all those who have been kind to me this year, because I love that part the most. I always feel the need to retaliate kindness immediately it is done to me. And hope to hear your feedbacks this year as well.

.write more books this year, start up businesses this year, and always have time for you all this year.

I only just realised yesterday, That I needed to approve messages before the get shown on the blog comment. I have had thousands of messages that never got approved. I am so sorry for that, and from now on, I will approve appropriate messages on the blog every single day.

HAPPY 2018!!!!!!!!! 

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