Angry Youths Beat And Disgrace APC Lawmaker Seeking Re-election . | Oby Oriji Blog

Angry Youths Beat And Disgrace APC Lawmaker Seeking Re-election .


According to reports trending on lagoslately Instagram blog, some angry Kano State youths attacked a lawmaker who is seeking re-election in

Corrupt politicians
Corrupt politicians

LagosLately gathered that the APC Lawmaker who according to reports has not commissioned any project since he assumed office, has however showed up for what some of them tagged “early campaign” but met his Waterloo as his subjects saw that as a Perfect avenue to pay him back in his own coins. He got attacked by his people, and got his head bursted by angry mob. With the help of some people, he since has been taken to the hospital for medical treatment after the severe beating.

Corrupt politicians
Corrupt politicians

Source: lagoslately

This is what happens when you go ahead and cheat people multiple times, the sane way, the same people. You are obviously calling them fools, and they are telling you that they aren’t. Nigerians are literally taking matters into their hands, and no one can blame them. The politicians have destroyed the Country with corruption, and they have bought over the law makers and law enforcement who were supposed to be our back bones. They still our money, use it to better the lives of their kids an families, and still buy over our own helpers, leaving the masses completely helpless. Well, we are not as helpless as they think. We can actually fight them you know,The masses are always stronger than the politicians, if only the masses knew..

Corrupt politicians
Corrupt politicians


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