Weeks after young John lost his, Olamide is orphaned as he also loses Mum on Son's birthday. | Oby Oriji Blog

Weeks after young John lost his, Olamide is orphaned as he also loses Mum on Son’s birthday.

Olamide loses mum

This is the definition of either a weird situation, or a sad stream of event. Weeks after his producer YoungJohn loses his mother, Olamide who hasn’t recovered from his daddy’s death in November 2015, is yet again hit by the tragedy of life, as he also loses his mum.

Olamide loses mum
Olamide loses mum

The singer who has been talking about the Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode adopting him after the death of his father in his songs, has yet again been shocked by the reality of losing his mother.

In a day that was suppose to be a happy day for the singer, as he made to mark his son’s birthday, Tragedy struck the singer when his mother passed on, on that same day. Nothing prepares any human for the loss of their parents, talk more of a premature one. It is the hardest thing to have your young mother pass on at such a young age.

As a star, he expressed satisfaction in bringing pride to his parents. But he seems to have all of that taken away from him in such a short time, just two years and two months after losing his Dad. We honestly wish him and his family a recovery from this quick second blow of life.

When Olamide lost his Dad in 2015 November 25th/26th, he was just recovering from the shock when the niw repant soul and Investigative Journalist Kemi Olunloyo accused him of being a ritualist. She called him out on different social media, and even had interviews on TV stations, challenging the singer to come out and prove her wrong. An action that never came, as Olamide completely ignored the serious allegations made against him.

Olamide loses mum
Olamide loses mum

Now that his mother has equally passed on, I wonder what will be said this time around, except that Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has declared herself a born again christian, or spiritually cleansed christian, who has refrained from investigative journalism, which has led her so many times into the much dreaded Nigerian prison.

We pray they get consoled for their loss.

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Olamide loses mum
Olamide loses mum
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