A rare photo of the unique structures of ancient Nsude Pyramids 'Nsude and Agbaja' in Enugu. | Oby Oriji Blog

A rare photo of the unique structures of ancient Nsude Pyramids ‘Nsude and Agbaja’ in Enugu.

Igboland Pyramid

According to an Igbo promoting handle on instagram @igboamaka, this photo happens to be One of the unique structures of ancient Igboland which was the Nsude Pyramids (Nsude and Agbaja) in Enugu, the Eastern capital state of the Igboland. The pyramids which were just like the Northern one, the Kano groundnut pyramid which is also disappearing.

According to IgboAmaka, 10 circular steeped pyramid structures were built of clay/mud; The first base section was 60 ft. in circumference and 3 ft. in height. The next stack was 45 ft. in circumference. Circular stacks continued, till it reached the top.

Igboland Pyramid
Igboland Pyramid

The structures were temples for the traditionally honoured  earth goddess of the Enugu people, Ala/Ana/Ani.

But, instead of seeing them as evidence of our ancestor’s level of cultural enlightenment, and architectural accession, we Igbos were decides to  called them “demonic”, leading them to foolishly neglect the Architectural wonder,  until they were disintegrated by nature, and caused to vanished.

The picture of the  pyramid above was said to have been visited by the Queen of England, and the picture taken when she sat there for the same of history and evidence.

Igboland Pyramid
Igboland Pyramid

Source of story and photo @IgboAmaka
📸: G. I. Jones, 1935.

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