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What you should know before choosing a Glass or Wooden center table.

Glass versus Wood

        A Beautiful Sitting room furniture decision.

Making a beautiful centre piece in your home is very vital. A sitting room to be precise, is where you sit down with family and friends for a TV time, gist with others, and is one of the most important thing for every fashion forward human. Your sitting room gives the first impression to friends and visitors. The neatness first, the decorations, and the furniture. Speaking of furniture, what is the best material for your centre table? The very first piece that draws attention to its self whenever a visitor walks into your living space.

Which material do you  think best suits your centre table, glass or wood? Don’t be in a haste to make a decision until you have read the good and bad.

GLASS:  Glass being a reflective surface tends to outshine the rest while they are considered all being considered the best materials.

The good part of choosing glass is that it shines  elegantly as a center piece, it makes modern a subtle sitting room. It is so beautiful.

The bad part of choosing glass is that it gets easily scratched , with kids in a home, it is becomes a dangerous time bomb, waiting to explode. This means that you can gave it broken, and act as a weapon on the kids. Next is that it requires consistent wiping, as the surface easily shows dust settlement. The next is that glass expires. And when it does, it simply breaks.

WOOD: When choosing wood, a lot us put into consideration. it is considered one of the oldest materials for man’s tools. It dates back to the primitive times. In every sitting room today, no matter the race,  Country and Continent, a piece of wooden material is definitely found in a home.

The good thing about wood is that it lasts long, safe for kids, depending on what was made with it. It requires cleaning, but not as frequent as glass does. Different beautiful items are now being made on a daily basis with technological advancement. It is smooth, treated, and long lasting for a home. Unless broken, they have the capacity to last for a very long time depending on its frequent use.

From our little chat, you can now make your decision based on these characteristics I have made available.

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