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What were they thinking when they used this picture?

Kidnapper Evans family pic

The Federal Executive Council retreat on education at the state house which was held in Abuja, was termed successful, as it had in attendance the influential and significant compatriot of the Country to make the right decision towards the education of Nigerian kids.

However, This wasn’t the order of the day, as the crying picture used to depict distress call for attention on education  was non other than that of Nigerian famously caught kidnapper Evans’ wife and children crying .

The family of Evans crying to the federal government of Nigeria all the way from Ghana, as they made a quick getaway before the Kidnapper was napped by the Nigerian police.

The history surrounding that particular picture which made it funny to Nigerians,  will explain the reason why it is so weird that they used it at such a prestigious event.

So earlier this year, at about  the second quarter of 2017,  A famous and notorious  kidnapper was caught unexpectedly by the police in Lagos Nigeria. People were complaining of the drastic rise in kidnap acts, the airport pickups, and even s random road side abduction. Kidnappers were all over the busy street of Lagos,  haunting for unsuspecting victims who boarded a bus, and tricycle,or just driving their personal cars. The case scared  a lot of people to cutting down on their evening outings in Lagos. People restricted  movements at night, took note of the happenings around them, in other for them to tell when something was seriously wrong.

But luckily for them, The Nigerian police dropped everyone’s jaws when they  intelligently caught this most dreaded Kidnapper Evans. People rejoiced for the fact the police outdid themselves, impressing the whole country when they caught Evans. Somehow, Evans was said to have allegedly gotten a whisper of the intended invade the police was about to serve on  him and his resident, so he quickly moved his family to Ghana so he can face the wrath alone *funny”* He was dragged throw the internet, newspapers and the country.

But his wife denied ever knowing what he did for a living,  even though he showered her with gifts and all other stuff. She gathered up her kids who were obviously well trained in that dramatic cry aspect. They did while begging Nigerians and PMB to release Evans after, saying he was a good man who made a mistake by turning into a cultist. Saying he is a good christian, that he has never killed anyone. No body eventually paid them any heed, as Evans was led into prison for a lengthy period of time.

them using this particular picture, makes it even funnier. They basically trying to kill two birds with one stone.

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Kidnapper Evans family pic
Kidnapper Evans family pic


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