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Oby Oriji fitness: The more abandoned buildings, the more crimes.

Abandoned buildings

Before we start our chat,I will need you to go outside of your home and look at the houses on your street, estate, area. Look from your left, to your right meticulously. Look to confirm, whether physically or mentally ( that is,if you can’t physically check it), if you live there, you might as well remember every Abandoned building, and you are probably  ashamed of being seen checking for an Abandoned buildings😁😁😁😁. Well that’s fine, let’s continue.

Go right  ahead and recall, if there is a building that hasn’t had tenants renting it for a while. This is because if you succeed in finding one on your street, then you are officially expected,to be extra careful to take notice of all the activities going on, in and around that building.

Abandoned building is not a structure that should be feared (even though the ones in my village, freak me out),  but if you have any around your home, it is only safe to have you, your family, friends and your kids  take note of the activities taking place  in that particular building, and avoid it. It will be better to call the cops, but then again, you might be mistaking.

If you have a neighbourhood watch, they as well, should be made to frequent the abandoned buildings for the sake of normalcy.

“City Law breakers watch’, has over the years,  given us every reasons to believe that crime rates increases, with an increase in abandoned buildings.

Criminals are quick to identify a building that has been abandoned for a while, and is available for their evil deeds. Thus is because their mindset is all about being smart for the negatives Alone. While you see it ad a building that needs to be occupied, they see it as a tool to be used, before it gets occupied.

Since crime is not what anyone is particularly proud to be identified by, people who do them, feel a lot better when they are in their privacy.

If they don’t live alone, and have neighbours, then they go in search of an abandoned building to carry out their criminal dealings. The possibility of ghost activities taking place there, is pretty high. (That is the worst to me)

With that said, I will like to mention, that there are a lot of abandoned building in this our Lagos state Nigeria. while there are equally a lot if homeless fellows in need of a roof over their head. Buildings that should be used to improve revenue production of the Country, have been abandoned for years. Most of them have Owners living outside the Country only coming home to use it only when in Nigeria, while the rest, no one ever comes to it. And when you try to inquire the reason why this is so, it is basically the same answer that you get. “The case is in court” or  “The owner has been taken to court”.

Abandoned buildings
Abandoned buildings

You see people in desperate need of a shop space in big markets like Balogun or Eko Market on the island with no success. Since it is one of the internationally recognised markets, It has people from all over the Country, converging there to buy and sell. For this reason, everyone is looking to have space there. I have counted up to 5 sky scraper in that Particular market, That has no one in them. It is incredibly surprising when you investigate the number of unconcluded court cases involving buildings in Lagos state. Why though? Why can’t courts conclude cases before completely abandoning it to move to the next one? This is one of the factors that is enabling the Lagos crime rate and corruption. People have defrauded unsuspecting victims, selling abandoned buildings that is not there’s. Abandoned buildings are used to harm citizens on a daily basis, and most city law makers in some countries, have taken it upon themselves to purge their cities of Abandoned buildings. 

If the owner is not ready to leave there, then he or she is made to rent the building out, or even sell it, for the good of the surrounding buildings.

Abandoned buildings
Abandoned buildings

An outrageous statistics of People are homeless, not because they can’t rent a house in Lagos, but because they haven’t been able to fine themselves a house to rent. If half the number of abandoned buildings in Lagos are rehabilitated and rented out, the situation of the city will be proved. The rate of poverty in the land, has forced a lot of people to live in an abandoned building,mostly uncompleted, with make shift windows and doors. I once came across a woman who used to live in an abandoned building when I was in the university, I asked her if they stay there for free since it hasn’t been completely in any way. And she surprised me, telling me that they pay rent almost as significant as the people who live in complete and well furnished buildings. And I was surprised to learn that.

The Governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode, has more than he bargained for on his plate, since assuming office. He has been fixing up roads, decorating the State, and erecting historical structures. But we will like for him to look into the case of abandoned building in the City of Lagos if that is in any way possible. Because a lot of Governors have come and gone, but abandoned building stand the taste of time.

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Abandoned buildings
Abandoned buildings
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