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The unbelievable statement a very prominent GLO man tried to use to get laid.

Inappropriate pick up lines

You guys know that I am definitely not about to say that I haven’t had people hit on me almost on a dialysis basis, with different ways and tactics. some nice, others down right inappropriate. But as a lady, it is in your job description to handle them peacefully until it demands the right attention, which is when it involves an actual action, a forceful one.

So in the second quarter of the year, I was looking to fill a particular position for Glo Nigeria, so I was fortunate to meet with one of their prominent personnel who clearly was in charge of a lot of things. Probably a region and more. Right from the very moment he saw me, he showered me with compliments , for every sentence that escaped his mouth, he had a compliment afterwards. I wasn’t particular about that, since I have experienced than a lot. I started speaking to him about my intention to fill that position. But he clearly was more interested in the compliment he was sending me. For every professional inquiry I was making, he countered it with the excessive compliment . I would say “thank you” to him to quickly get back the main topic, but he would repeat things he has been saying since the conversation started.

I realised that this whole thing wasn’t going ┬ánowhere, and instead of pretending that this right here wasn’t happening, I decided to talk about it.

Me: Sir what exactly are you going for with these statements.?”

Sir: I think you are very beautiful girl and an adult, so you must know what I am talking about, cos I am not think first person saying that to you

Me: *sighting the grey hair and and ring* But you are a married man

Sir: Ofcourse I am happily married, which  I intend to remain be for a long time.

Me: That is disrespectful to your wife

Sir: *Laughs* how na.? It is just sex nothing more.I just want to get a piece of you

Me: if your marriage is as happy as you said, why are you looking outside for adultery?

Sir: it is not adultery, it is just quenching my urge. You see, there is a difference In these things. If I just want to have sex with a girl just to get my mind off it, then it is called Fling. That one is not adultery. Adultery is when you have series of sex with one girl or more than one girl many times.

Can you guys imagine the statement coming from a very prominent man? This is the mindset of a full grown Nigerian adult . He has the definition of what is Adultery to him and what is not. I turned down the sex, and now I have been told that the position is no longer available, as against what I was told initially. This labour market and sex, can not be separated. Banks, firms, and companies are flooding with adultery and promiscuity. Don’t be deceived by the suits and tie, and professional shirt and skirt, woman and men are all in this together. As the year draws to an end, I just felt the need to share this with you guys…

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Inappropriate pick up lines
Inappropriate pick up lines
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