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In as much as we all want to lead a healthy life, there is always the need to trade with caution. After my run   Earlier  today, I was opportune to visit the busy main road, now crowded with cars and school kids and even workers,  where I saw a hand full of individuals like myself, running. while they ran on the road meant for cars just because the pedestrian walk way was flooded as it was being used by other people. And since they don’t want to run into anyone, they would rather run on the busy road, expecting vehicles to avoid them while they run. That is a selfish and high dangerous thing to do.

The danger involved here, can never be over emphasized. When people run early in the morning, even without having to disturb the road meant for cars, they are exposed to robbery, rape, accident, and fall. Now this has been known to be the regular stories coming from runners. But when you go as far as running on the way meant for vehicles, then you are doubling your already known risks. So please guys, don’t expect drivers to protect you when you can’t protect yourself by running on the path meant for pedestrians. Protecting yourself was the reason why you woke up in the first place to run. Losing weight and stay alive was the aim of your exercise, So please don’t contradict yourself by placing your body in a place that it can be gravely harmed.

Run on the pedestrian walk way. And if you can do that, then please engage in some kind of exercise that doesn’t require the road. Stay safe while living healthy. You can run in your neighborhood, you can run in your compound, and you can run on your street. It doesn’t have to be the road. There is the option for cardio, and gym. Those too can be safe for you while you try to get your goal body. Stay safe honeys .

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Oby Oriji fitness
Oby Oriji fitness

Oby Oriji fitnessOby Oriji fitness


Oby Oriji fitness 

Oby Oriji fitness

Oby Oriji fitness
Oby Oriji fitness
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