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The reason why everyone should be a Cat person.

Cat or dog person
Cat or dog person
Cat or dog person

The world is full of three types of people. The cat lovers, the dog lovers, and the ones who love these  animals from afar. Now  I am not sure if I am in the third Or second category. This is because I love  to watch, read and listen to  videos and stories of well trained dogs, but never make it to having one. Not even one. They have been known to exhibit some characteristics like a human when they have been adopted into a family  they have come to love. Dogs keep humans occupied amongst all other, maybe not as much as the cats.  Like a good company they even sometimes communicate with man in their own perculiar  way.

But Over the years, having a dog has  meant more work for the mothers in a home. They dread scooping up poop, walking the dogs, taking them to the vet, grooming them, bathing them,teaching them toys not to play with, as well as teaching them to pee and poop outside.

This is the reason why most mothers are not immediately thrilled to say yes to the dog acquiring idea when the kids and the husband get excited to share their thoughts with them. When the Kids are super excited to have a different species come live with them, they clearly forget that they go to school for the whole day,  and sleep easily almost the whole night. when they are doing any of these two,  mummy is left with the complete responsibility of giving care to the dog, and het kids.

If my opinion Is asked, I will say we all should simply becoming Cat people. This is because cats have been known to take absolute care of themselves. They groom themselves,  take care of the pooping game,which is done in private,  and while still render the job of companionship, cuddling, and fur love to its owners.

While dogs simply wait to be taken out to poop, cats locate their litter box and do their business.

While dogs are considered the right pet for manly men and cats are considered the ideal pets for girls, but with the rise of girl power and 21st century,  everyone can now have whatever pet they deem fit for them.

While dogs need to be walked, cats can escape and just go running their business forever. Even though they are not known to be the most loyal pets because I have had a long list of pet cats who left and ran away while searching for mates, Freedom, and to quench their curiosity.

In  as much as I love cats, that is the part I can’t even reconcile with. The fact that they are always running away for no reason, there breaking the heart of their owners.

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