The problem of 'Nigerian churches and no free school' has broken my heart for a long time. | Oby Oriji Blog

The problem of ‘Nigerian churches and no free school’ has broken my heart for a long time.

We plan anyway

So I just heard a mind blowing story about he unbelievable, humongous, outrageous, incredibly high amount of dollars and Nairas creeping into the churches of Nigeria. I can’t even believe that with all these money mentioned, that these churches still have poor Members in them, like intensely poor members.  This is even harder for me to think that they don’t have free schools, homes for their members yet.  I tried to find the name of a free school for church that could be owned by these expensive churches. I have not been able to do that even uptill,.   This led to me sitting and reminiscing the life of the initial missionaries who brought the gospel to Africa. These guys had free schools for converts, which you can’t find now, free lunch for children  at school, and didn’t even have half as much charity as we have today. Charity has been funding churches, generous individuals of the society have been sponsoring the church, and wealthy members of theses churches including the poor ones who have been compelled just to have s good sense of belonging. But the rich have so far, been kind enough to donate huge sums of money to the church at every time the pastor asks.

We Will at least cut down on the poking done to churches if they can at least have free schools for members . Not the society this time around, just the children of members who clearly are struggle through live. I honestly would love to have this come to pass just for the poor I our midst who are either too shy to say, or too deep in the make believe world to say they need help. Because of the intense poverty eating deep into members of Christian-doom, I will really love for them to be at least considered.

Please don’t tell  your members that whenever they are going through a rough time, that they are being manipulated by the devil. That is a bid clear path to insincerity. We are all humans, which means that we will have trials and tribulations from life.

Statements like these have made it hard, and even stopped Christians who are going hard times, to confined in churches, which thereby stops them from being helped. If we were encouraged enough to run to the church when ever we are going  through a bad era of life like the pioneering churches did, then we won’t have this high number of poverty stricken people in the church, who are resolving to a life crime instead. Robbery, rituals, amongst others.

It is clear that most of these churches have a higher chances at closing down, than having a free school built for its suffering members. We don’t practice what we preach in this part of the world. we find it very easy to just talk from  now till tomorrow, telling people what they already know, instead of going to places  the gospel has not gotten to yet, who need the money for basic things of life like water, food, clothes, more than we need them for cars, aircrafts, and vacation. So, since we can’t have a free school,  How about we just drastically cut down the fees that these schools charge church members of the Society. What they charge Christians, and Jesus lovers of this world. Gullible members should please  get a grip and pay direct school fees to the needy, and the less previledge of our world.

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