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Reasons why you should always strive to stay alive in every situation that presents itself.


One thing we all as humans have in common Is the mere fact that no matter the strata of life we are, we always have cahalleneges. The poor as well as the rich, the young as well as the old, the naive as well as the experiences, experts as well as the apprentice. We all have our simple problems and the very intense ones. While you are currently battleing a problem that makes you wonder if yours happen to be the worst on earth, only for you to hear of someone else who has an even life threatening problem.

They say billionaires and successful people always loom to solve a problem, which in turn made them successful in one field or another. Many people these days assume that succes is gotten in a day, or in just the very moment you start to put in the work in your chosen field. Peopl are slowly taking away the natural process of hard work before success. They think the emergence of the Internet had taken away the most vital path success. HARDWORK

This is the reason why it is so quick for people , especially teenagers give up on life for the most insignificant thing. Fights, heartbreak, being left out, being rejected and being made to feel incompetent.  Stand your ground guys. No one got it so easy, no one. Stand up to that problem, seek to solve that test and exams, seek to go over that life hurdle, seek to make a come back, seek to be healthy, seek to be happy , seek to feel competent, seek to be in love with your self too much to even think of ending your life. If you love yourself that much, you won’t even think of pinching yourself, talk more of ending your precious life.

Do you even know if the is Are movies,  good food, friends, happiness, family, achievements, stardom, sex, love, spouses, good houses and cars, career and awards, on the other side.? This is what we don’t know until we have experienced it. So please, whet ever you find yourself, no Matt the challenge, don’t you dare think you are alone in the world of ‘good plan, bad reality’. Always see every challenge in life as a hurdle you have been asked to scale through. Be strong be alive, because we are all in this together .

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