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ObyOrijitips: Steps to getting Comfortable at a big event.

Happy New year

Most times when people who consider themselves ordinary are previledged enough to attend parties with the high and mighty, the famous, the influential, and the celebrities In our society, they tend to disappear into the background, feeling intimidated, and out of place, because they don’t think they are good enough, or famous enough, or even worth the privilege. Honey you are, and that is normal to feel out of place.

The surprising thing here is that, Most times this idea is in your head, guys. If I have learnt anything with these celebrities, it is that no matter how many times they attend a red carpet invent in their lives,  they always feel nervous at these red carpet events. Every single one of them suffers from insecurities, and distorted self confidence. If you don’t know that, you might think they see themselves as perfect.

To get comfortable at a big  Event, you must get comfortable from home. When you are home getting dressed for an event, especially for the event you haven’t attended before, the rule of going for your most comfortable outfit,  should be applied.

Most times, we notice that People who look good on a daily basis, end up looking less good looking at a special event.This is because, they automatically assume that they need to outdo themselves, by  taking fashion risks. This most times, end up not looking half as good as they did normally. Don’t be deceived guys, this is the first step to ruin, especially if you are dressing yourself.

             Steps to becoming comfortable…                       

We talk about your preparation from head to toe. First of all, go light on the makeup. This because It is MORE comfortable to know that you are not trying too much to fit in, and end up having to look like a masquerade when a bright light is cast on your face. This is especially if you are attending it for the very first time, where you don’t know the schedule, and ways things are done there.

It will be great to use a matte lipstick, as that is know to simplify your look, and enable your stale mouth situation, while making you look super beautiful. Oily lipsticks that are shiny and loud, will end up melting off your lips, staining your teeth, having white lines during stale mouth situation, staining people’s clothes when you hug them because you are a bit nervous trying to seem nice by smiling unnecessarily frequent, and then needing to go to the lady’s room to wild you teeth.

Go simple with the hair, if necessary, with what you are use to. Don’t go with too much full and all over the place fake fair. Try your natural hair, or a simple flat, fake hair(Wigs).

Jewelry shouldn’t be big bold and fake. If they are big and real, then super nice. But if you are not in possession of real (gold or silver) jewelry, go with small and fake. That doesn’t really draw negative attention to it. You just rock your stuff honorably.

Clothes should be comfortable and not wild.mremember you will be sitting, so don’t try to be like the stars and end up doing more than them, by putting up a very unconsealing clothes. Shoes should be very comfortable. Because you don’t know how long you would stand got one reason or the other, so you can’t start walking like you are constipated in a party you have dreamt of your whole life.

Have mint gum/sweet, or mint spray in your clutch bag for when you start to feel like your mouth stinks, from closing up your mouth for a long time.

Let us remember,  that you might be new to the circle, but you are never the only one nervous at the event.

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