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ObyOrijifitnessblogmas: Maintaining a flat belly this Christmas season


We all are super excited to have this years Christmas arrive. Words can sparsely explain the excitement filled in the hearts of the adults and children of the world. Some being so naughty, and others pretending to be nice while being intensely mean. I for one will be interested in the naughty peopl if I am made Santa for a day.  *just saying*

Christmss in Nigeria is known for one thing. If we are being sincere, it is  Food, food and food. And for every  one who has been good enough to maintain an Ok body through out the year, Christmas is always a time of trials and  temptation. You have relatives and family members who you haven’t seen in a while, friends and siblings who have the choicest gist for you concerning people you all know. In the midst of all these, you are completely going to let down your guard, and eat things that you are not suppose to, because everything will look incredible delicious and attractive to you when you are happy to be in the midst of those you love. So how do we help our selves in this trial periods of Christmas.

Helping the belly

For one, we will try not  eat all day and all night just because there is good every where.

. When in the midst of people who will make you forget your weight consciousness, always remember that heavy food consumption ends with the day. Which means that it ends when the day ends. When night falls, do not let any heavy food into you mouth. Go for liquids, fruits, and light snacks, tea and bread.

.My Nigerian compatriot should specifically be mindfully with the constant intake of Eba and delicious  Nigerian soups.

. Do not completely neglect your workout routine. Instead of letting family members distract you, you should see them as an encouraging factor. They should join you in your workout, not stopping you from doing the right thing. But remember,  Simple ones first. Exercise to start with, are the easy one though.

Simple belly workouts

First step: Lay on your back, stretch out your legs and have your Hands by your side.

Lift your pair of legs (both legs) from the floor half way up, forming an angle with your upper body, forming a capital letter L. And take them back to the ground together immediately.

Lift Both legs and drop them  back down 20 times, which means counting up and down as one, for 20 times. Touching your toes as the come up to your face. The left hand will touch the right leg’s toes when it comes up, while the right hand will touch the left toe’s when it comes up.

Do five batches of  20 lifts (up and down = 1 count), making it 100 counts.

20 up and down =1 batch

100 up and down= 5 batches

REMEMBER, Do it 5 times, which is 5 batches

This is called the Touch your toes move, and it is very efficient in flattening your tummy. This is because it flexes your belly muscle, keeping them active, when they grind the fat away in the process. So this is simple and efficient. If you are determined enough, you can do even more than hundred counts, and probably do it morning and night.

Invite your mother, daughter, sister, friend, cousins, and so on, to come join you for some moral support. You might even make a bet just to keep their interest on it. Place a bet to get their attention. Feel free to tell me how it went, cos I will appreciate some pictures And stories.

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