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ObyOrijifitness: Does your body get itchy after you have your bath?

Itchy body

Most people have had the experience of an uncontrollable body itch after they leave the bathroom. Some assume it is the water, while others assume it is the bathroom itself, because in my family, a dirty toilet and bathroom can disgust us so much that it can physically make us sick. Now After they boil or change the water or its source, and wash the bathroom, they still have the sameerah you reaction.

In some cases, it gets even worse that it doesn’t wait for you to have your bath before it starts itching. My sisters, Onyinye and Ada, one  who sometimes runs with me, while the other doesn’t have any form of physical exercise. They all started experiencing the itchy thing for some weeks now, they couldn’t say it is the bathroom, or the water because I wasn’t experiencing the same thing even though we all live together and used all those things together. They tried to investigate if there was a product that the both used that I didn’t use, and they couldn’t come up with a anything.

When they got fed up with it, and resulted to going to the hospital to find out for themselves what is going on. Surprisingly the Doctor told them that they have too much starch in the body. Their carbohydrate intake has been considered too much by their  bodies.  The doctor said I didn’t have the syptom, because my carbohydrate is regulated by my regular workout. Since they don’t workout, they alone suffered it without me. So I thought to myself how much importance workout has to us. Some we are completely aware of, while others like in this case, we are not. Now they both have been placed on a protein diet and have been asked to engage in some form of exercise to regulate the starchy level in their body.

Now if your body is equally going through the same thing, you should cut down on your carbohydrates intake, and start an exercise that will guarantee sweats. Sweating will hell get rid of things even you didn’t know we’re in your body.


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