Obyorijiblogmas: The five things Nigeria Bachelors are mostly afraid of in December. | Oby Oriji Blog

Obyorijiblogmas: The five things Nigeria Bachelors are mostly afraid of in December.

Christmas bachelors

It is almost Christmas guys, and while the girls are waiting for the eligible bachelors from the diaspora  to come and sweep them away from the home based boys who are not decisive enough to put a ring on that finger, the boys are also having their own fear of living through the month, and surviving the tension. They might look very well put together and unbothered in public, but deep down, these are what bothers them the most in the month of December.


While the month of December rushes to an abrupt end to everybody’s dismay, the bachelors worry mostly  about when  their much anticipated pay gets to their bank account. Guys who having been saving all through the year, still have a heightened anticipation for their December  pay and bonus. Some people have planned the arrival of their pay right from the beginning of the month, that when it gets delayed even for a week, they are the most upset. So most guys hope to get their pay when they have planned to get it and need it the most. Their fear is when it goes the other way.

When it goes the other way, it hurts because you have family and friends calling you right from 3rd December to wish you a merry Christmas, Just To make  sure that they’d make it to your ultimate Christmas list . This is because in Nigeria, we have only one list, and that list is the ‘send you account detail’ list.

After the money is eventually gotten, the next problem will be splitting it amongst the people you have in mind to help this Christmas. Another fear gets up when you have less money than the list of people you have on your help list.


While many are planning on  how to make the very serious decision on how the mode of transport to travel on, others are deciding the right time to go shopping for Christmas just to have the cheapest prices, Some guys are deciding  where the family will spend the Christmas, While a bachelor somewhere is deciding what gift to get his girlfriend, another one is deciding what girl has been good enough to deserve a gift.

Guys with a hand full of girlfriends fear the most in December. According to what I have been told, many bachelors in Nigeria break up with their girlfriends when it is Christmas because they are avoiding getting her a gift, or even giving her the Impression that they are not  serious enough to spend Christmas together. This can’t happen  talk more of meeting the parents during a Christmas family lunch. So when girls don’t get gifts from their boyfriends,it  simply means that you didn’t make the cut. He has gone with a different girl for reasons best known to him, and for that, I am sorry.


In as much as single girls dread any festive period that will bring the family together, automatically meaning that  those fearless Aunties will ask you when you plan to invite them to come eat rice and sip on some drinks at their wedding, they need to know that The guys also have the same problem because Nigerians love weddings.  When a guy is old enough to settle down, especially in the Igbo land, he is also not off the hook. Family members come for him in all direction with the question of  who they are deciding  to style with, and when they intend to introduce them to her.

This is the festive period, it is when parents especially mothers,  introduce their sons to the maiden that has found Favour before their eyes all through the year. Young ladies rush to run errands for that brother that has just arrived from the United States or the United Kingdom. They offer to show him around the village for no reason, they offer to keep him company while he is seeing a movie in a family house full of family members (he is clearly not lonely girlfriend) .  This is the time when girls bring out their cooing skill to the glory of their family, to charm one bachelor of the other. Bachelors are officially placed under pressure by literally every one that surrounds him in December. Friends ask you if you like her, parents ask you if you love her, and you ask yourself if you can tolerate her.


This is the group that the Nigerian bachelors fear the most.  The young eligible guys who returned from diaspora to spend Christmas with their families in Nigeria, are known to be the takers of every body’s girlfriend. They come with smooth accent, looking so confidence and healthy, that all Nigerian girls notice them easily.

They come back to he country single, but take home a bride to the U.S. So, the Nigerian based bachelors don’t take it likely with them ‘ain’t it boys’. They single handedly give a heart attack to their counterpart Who have been holding down things while they are away.


This is the time when guys run out of their mind, trying to come up with the mode reasonable excuse to dodge going to see the parents of their girlfriends, because they are avoiding the ‘what Is your plan with my daughter’ question, that responsible parents ask.This is when the girls will know if their boo is ready to make it permanent, or he is basically just going to keep posting until he finds another boo.

Christmas is the right time for women to read the body language of their boyfriends, which in turn scares the heck out of these guys.

So, after the fear of their girls being stolen, the next is thing they fear is making it serious with the girl.

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