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ObyOrijiblogfitness: How to avoid gym distractions while having a good workout.


If you notice that I used the phrase”hitting the gym”.  Gym these days to so many have become photography studio, a good place for beautiful make belief pictures which will fetch you a bag full of likes on Instagram and other social networks. Most times it is not even the fact that the pictures are likable, it is the fact that the aim of the gaming is completely defeated. When you are not aware that you can do all that without having any aspect suffer.

Now we will look at the pros and Cons, and even how to do all these while maintaining a steady workout.

Do you know you can take super cute pictures, fetch as much likes as you can, and still workout the very right way? This is the right way to do that.

. Going to the gym exposes you to smooth workout equipments,  super cool workout buddies and a load of distractions. The other day while I was at a gym, I was too excited to even let myself get distracted. I was eager to take on new moves from the coach, I did more than the instructor asked, I extended my time, I rejected rest periods, and even involved my own moves. I never take water while I workout, so That didn’t have a Hold on me. I saw ladies cut their workouts just to go sip on a bottle water and visit the Internet. Some even go as far as having an intense gist right in the middle of the workout with any one whose may is close by. And then it became clear to me , that the level of distraction involved in the gym is very high, and there are ways to avoid them.

Ways to Avoid them.

. If you know how chatty you can get when ever you find yourself in the midst of people, so chatty that it basically distracts you from achieving things, Then you will have to master your trade in the house before hitting the gym. This is because the moment you get really interested workouts,  putting in your health and well being before aimless chats and gossips right in the house where you have you family and friends, then it is harder for strangers and acquaintances to distract you when you are in the gym.

. Set a goal for yourself every morning before you leave the house to the gym, because  if you don’t know the extent of workout your body can with stand everyday, then you are automatically more interested in showing off your outfits and reuniting with friends in the gym, than burning your own Carbs.  You tell yourself the exact type of workout, the body part that is targeted, the duration of the chosen workout. You alone, not your workout buddy, decide what you must achieve for that morning or evening. Having a buddy for workout will badly affect your achievement, so learn to push yourself farther and harder for that body.

. Picture taking time: When you put your feet down, and tell yourself that workout time is not picture or video time, unless someone is ready to help you with that, then you will constantly cut your goal short to have a perfect video or picture.  Before starting you workout, take your pictures or videos, buy yourself a phone holder, and set it to g et you full body while you workout. After setting it, Just forget it, and concentrate on the work. If you want to get pictures of your post workout, with all the sweat, and wrinkled clothes, then do that after you are done, with pride and satisfaction,

. Chatting with gym goers: when  you arrive you gym, take a little time to greet, and make small talks with people who you want to exchange pleasantries with. Time yourself, don’t give too much or too little time for that, five minutes is fine. Greet them have the little talk with them. The moment gym time commences, then that is it. Don’t give room for chats and distractions. They will try to talk to you, but will start to respect and even imitate you when you ignore all distractions when the time for workout starts. The distraction agents will always be there, it is not left for you to reject their invite. All conversations can happen before and after the workout , not during.

Dont go asking people where they got their workout gears, and waist trainers and even sneakers while they are trying to burn fat, that goes to show your last of seriousness in the gym. There is time for everything, and people can tell when you don’t Joke with your time. They might not be bold enough to tell you, but they will start to respect you and aspire to be like you. When it is time to help your body, stop complaining or whining, and stop letting yourself be an agent of distraction to people who have come to make themselves better. The girls you see with awesome bodies, have the concentration of the cat family. Join them in that.

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