Oby Oriji fitness: I changed my workout routine after a year, and here is the effect. | Oby Oriji Blog

Oby Oriji fitness: I changed my workout routine after a year, and here is the effect.

Hi guys,  how is the day going? So I am revealing the facts rant I have finally changed my workout routine. I have been using a downloaded video of Insanity workout . This was gotten from the wowy site where workout addicts like myself get paid to upload their every workout videos, which I was never able to do for some reasons best known to me. So, for you to win $1000 dollars with every workout video uploaded, you and you friends or workout buddies will go to wows.com to get them procedure.

Using the insanity Cardio was rejuvenating for me, It helped me stretch, feel fit, and get health(physically and mentally). But the problem with it, was that I didn’t lose weight as much and fast as  expected. I still had my bulgy belly even after workout was done on a daily basis. I even resulted to doing it morning and evening in my room, trying to increase my metabolism which I thought was the problem why I wasnt losing as much as I should.  It didn’t happen, probably because I am a rice addict and being a typical Nigerian, I love to eat my high carbohydrate, and high oil in the stew meal.

But a couple of months ago, I decided to try out something new, since I love to learn everyday.  I saw a cool chic with the best body, belly and move on Instagram and decided to study her every move because I wanted that kind of body. Now I am not exercising to look muscular, because I know some people think every girl who workouts will end up looking  like a man with flat chest  and ass. I mean yes. You are basically taking fat out of you entire body.

I got introduced to running by my sister afte she decided to go back to exercise, and for the very  first day, I could feel my heart pumping so loud that it immediately got me feeling faint every though I did that all the time. I ran and did my haut 5×100 for a month, and I immediately felt the difference. The sweat, the morning breeze against my skin, and then the instant result. I could feel, see and hear the testimony. I immediately decided that I will be running for as long as my body can take it.

Fotunately for me, my body can actually take it and more, and this is the result of it. The and the photos.

📸📸🎥 Oby Oriji fitness.

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