My experience at the dentist, looking for the best and cheapest dentist in Lagos Nigeria.

Tooth fix

So guys I am not going to lie to you, I don’t regularly pay a visit to the dentist being a typical Nigerian. I brush my teeth 2-3 times everyday, which keeps it white. But I have a crooked dentition and a receding gum, so I have no choice than to visit the dentist. I have also loved the look of braces on people, but that thing is seriously expensive.

So I visited Blanche Dental Clinic owned by Doctor Timi, the checked my entire mouth, stretching and pulling and flashing lights. I have no fear for the dentist unlike my elder sister who has had series of dreadful doctors appointment to pull her tooth. So I was calm and looking forward to the experience of cold metals put into my mouth, while the taste of rubber gloves enveloped my entire mouth.

This experience was incredible until they decided that it was time to have my mouth rejuvenated with a procecedure called ‘scaling and polishing’ this involved screding, scraping and cleaning my teeth. Taking out things that I didn’t even know were there. Now I inquired the fort of the braces part, and I realized that it was it was out of my league. I have always wanted to fix my crooked tooth. But I don’t think with this price, I can do it just yet. This was what they told me.

Metallic braces: N600 000

Ceramics braces: N800 000

Quick braces: N1 million

Now you see what I am talking about? The cheapest is 600, in a private hospital. Does anyone in Lagos know a place I can have it done for less? Please let me know, do your girl can have a perfect smile.

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