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Dear Girls, this is an advice from loveandship.

Dear Ladies,Don’t send nude to ANYONE

Ever since the emergence of Social media in this generation,  So many girls have fallen victims of revenge porn,faced  threat from a blackmailer, and even had their image dented or tarnished amidst some more unimaginable things,  because they have mistaken fallen victim of deceit by partner, while  thinking they were in love. What I want you to know Dear Girl, is that when a guy asks you for nude and you refuse, then that us the right time to know his motives.

Because he will either threaten to leave you if you don’t do it, or tell you not to sorry about it. So when he does the first, then he is just about sex with you, and when he does the second one,then you are going to think he has forgotten about it, but of course he hasn’t. They will persist as time goes on, your job is to put your foot down, and say “NO” No means no ladies, don’t be deceived. If he hasn’t put a ring on you, he will always stand a chance of using your nude against you. Even the married ones, do it, not to talk of a common, unpredictable courtship. Get smarter girls. Love is not sex, and sex is not a guarantee. Don’t let him win.

Dear Ladies,Don't send nude to ANYONE
Dear Ladies,Don’t send nude to ANYONE

People go into a relationship  for different reasons. While guys have their very own agenda, women will also have theirs. But like every woman, it is easier for us females to assume that a guy is in love with us, while the guy is out to make a score.

Many people have taken their time to advise young girls on this issue, but it is always reoccurring. But @loveandship had taken out time to remind you all this festive period. Don’t do it for a job, don’t do it for love, and don’t do it out if fear. Above all Girls,


We can never over emphasis on this ladies.

📷 @loveandship

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Dear Ladies,Don't send nude to ANYONE
Dear Ladies,Don’t send nude to ANYONE




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