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The best way for Nigerian parents to digest their food after a late dinner.


Hi guys, So we are not going to pretend that we all have salad for dinner like the western world, you all know that in Nigeria, most times our dinner consist of starch, starch, starch. First of all, we can’t help ourselves, these cuisines are delicious, and it is torture to skip them most times.

We have also been told to stop eating the moment it is 4pm, but that too, is seriously hard to accomplish because some people in Nigeria get home from work by 9pm, due to traffic. They definitely will have dinner while on their way or when they eventually get home. So that too, is a bit impossible around here to adhere to.

But today, what we will be looking specifically at the only option we are left with when all we consider impossible is kept aside. After you have had you dinner, feeling heavy and sleepy at the same time, there are two things that you can do to feel better light and ready to sleep immediately.

1. Boil a big cup of water. while it is very hot, drop a bag of Lipton tea, or top tea, or even green tea like you can see mine in the picture above. Since the water got to its boiling point, it will take a very short time for the tea bag to colour diffuse. The moment the water is coloured, don’t add any milk, milo or sugar to it, start sipping it hot. Don’t wait for the water to get warm, or even cool. This will wash down your food along with all the oil or grease in it, and you will immediately start to belch which signifies your hastened digestion process. Give yourself 3-5 minutes to allow the tea travel to every corner of your stomach causing a quick digestion. The good thing about this is that it also melts stomach fat and fat from the food you just consumed. This is my quick tip to feeling better after every late night snack or dinner. But if the tea will stimulate you, i.e preventing you from going to sleep, then this second option is for you.

2. Boil a cup of hot water, and sip in it until you start to belch. No sugar, no milk( because it causes bloating), but you can have a little milo to taste.

But the best way is to have a very light dinner, like bread and tea. If you can avoid oily food at night, that would awesome. As for my amazing fellow patriots who love swallow and soup for dinner, you need a pot of tea. Lol.. But Eba for dinner is dangerous. They are better of eaten for lunch.

Try this and give me your feedback. As for me, I just finished my mug full of Tea.

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