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Oby Oriji blog Fitness: The Pros and Cons of having a work out buddy.


So guys,how was your weekend? Or should I say, how is the new week going? Did you work out or the cold mean hands of Monday morning took your attention? You know what they say in the workout world.
“Never miss a Monday”. Well that was the reason why I woke up early enough this morning, looking for my workout buddies, one was preparing to travel, and the other one was preparing to have a walk of shame. I became my own motivation and inspiration that I got up, got ready and went ahead to run my 10 laps. But the most important thing is that I noticed my belly fat went intact, so I started my deadly 5x100s this morning and almost passed out. Reason being that it stabs you belly,immediately showing how efficient It is. My 5x100s consist of:

1. 100 Toe Touches
2. 100 Crunch claps
3. 100 legs lifts
4. 100 dynamic planks
5. 100 bicycle crunches. Find photos below for this moves.
It burnt me like crazy. With that said I will like to weight the pros and cons of having a workout buddy.

For a person newly on a weight loss journey, they require a lot of motivation form a workout buddy. It is simply difficult for them to do it all by themselves because they are feeling the urge to go back to their old ways of life, but with the help of a workout buddy, they get consistent with the healthy life. So it is safe to conclude that a workout buddy is simply most important to the new convert who thinks exercise is torture to the human soul, when it is in fact the most beautiful thing.

Cons: Now on the other hand, when an already motivated fit fam, has a lazy or new to the fit life workout buddy, then he or she is bound to disrupt your consistency. They have all kinds of reason to prevent them from working out which will definitely affect you enthusiasm. They will have the lamest excuse not to join you. Now if you are not a determined fellow, you will find your self feeling as lazy as the actual lazy person.

Take for example, this morning, my workout buddies couldn’t join me because one had spent the night at her boyfriend’s and was about having her drive of shame while I had finished working out, while the other was on vacation. If I was completely dependent on my workout buddies for motivation for every time I needed to workout, I definitely would not be as consistent as I am with my healthy workout life.

Lesson of the day is: In this life, you will be required to be your own motivation. Don’t always rely on people for your strength, most times it doesn’t come. Not even your family members will always support you. You are enough, you are strong, you are a star in the making.

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