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Humanity need: What to do with your Sunday left overs in Nigeria.


Hi Guys, so since many readers of Oby Oriji blog aren’t from Nigeria, I will let you know what a typical Nigerian Sunday food looks like. Before advising my Nigerian people on what to do with their leftovers.

In Nigeria, a none written and oral rule has existed for as long as anyone can remember. Since half of Nigeria’s population are Christians, there is a huge attendance of church services on Sundays. After that, they are known to gather as a family to consume the famous Nigerian rice. They come in various ways depending on the part of the Country you find yourself.

On Sunday in the Northern part of the Country, White rice is boiled and eaten with chicken, goat meat,beef, ice fish or dried fish, offals or stockfish stew. Theses could be combined with fried plantain, boiled beans and eggs. Since fresh vegetables are grown in the North, the Northerners normally eat their rice with Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, Ugo. In the south, there is a high consumption of Nigerian jollof rice a.k.a party rice. Some eat Jollof with the ultimate ingredient (Bay Leaf) present, others have it garnished with carrots, green peas and beans,amongst other basic spices. Visit My friend to access her various recipes for a delicious Nigerian Jollof.

But today we will look at how to handle leftovers in our homes. In Nigeria these days, a lot of families, especially kids go to bed on an empty stomach while keeping it a secret. Families that have, can always help families that don’t. It is equally a tradition to have most Nigerian kids eat rice for lunch on Mondays which is as a result of the over flow from Sunday. But we are very much aware that it is not every household that has kids to help consume the left over rice the next day. For those who are stuck with their left over with no babies to take them to school and consume.

This is the category we are dealing with. For the sake of humanity, you might not have the non sufficient (‘have nots’) come up to you to share their challenges with you, or embarrassingly ask her food out of their pride.

So if you look around you carefully,paying attention to details, you will see that a lot of Nigerians are suffering. So please, don’t give your leftovers to your over fed dogs,cats pigs, or over fed kids, there are a lot of humans who need it to survive. Take away packs (Take out plastics), are everywhere you can think of in the Country, and even flooding in homes that eat out. Use them to package the leftover rice neatly with or without meat, and give out the plates of food to these needy people in the neighbourhood.

While doing it, please try not to take pictures and videos to prove to the world that you are being kind and generous to the needy. It is between you and God, let him pay back your good deeds his own way. You should know that it is not between you and social media users who you are hoping to get likes and follows from,like some well known celebrities. Do it in the secret, no one needs to know.
Hand the filled plates to the needy humans in your community, streets, or neighbourhood and leave them alone. Don’t pull out a phone for a quick snap or video. That is how you can handle your leftovers after Sunday, or other times you have more than enough to eat. Help the poor out there, and stay low key.

Image Source: Getty Image of Jollof rice

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